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In India, we find a man who is able to perform supposed “magic tricks” that have everyone questioning what is actually real. Is this is a genuine supernatural ability, or should be merely brushed off as optical illusions that magicians can perform?

We have heard of stories and seen other eyewitness accounts of this type of trickery, but this video is pretty unique. Even if you do not speak the language, these are very obvious instances of some seriously unexplainable capabilities.

He starts with one scarf. He rolls it onto the ground and takes out another single scarf and he ties the two scarves together. By not one, but four knots. He then proves how strong it is by letting the audience pull it as hard as they can, to ensure the knot is tight and not artificial.

What happens next is mind-boggling, as he merely places it on the ground, says a few words, and picks it up as it magically unfolds back into two scarves, with zero effort.

During another one of his many tricks, he seemingly makes some type of crystal or marble disappear after you thought he placed it underneath one of the covers. You think you have him figured out, but it really is nowhere to be found!

So…what do you think?!
Does this man possess abilities beyond what most humans have or is it merely “magic” that tricks the eye?

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