Mandela Effect Examples Shift In Reality

   Mandela Effect is a term coined by blogger Fiona Broome a few years ago. As she herself said, there were many people around her, including herself, who remembered seeing on television exactly the moment when Nelson Mandela died in prison. The funeral in his honor, and everything else. In fact, Mandela survived the prison and lived some time outside of it before dying. Broome explains the Mandela effect via pseudoscientific theories. She claims that modifications arise from movement between parallel realities (the multiverse). This is grounded on the theory that within each universe alternative versions of events and objects exist.

   Many investigations have been carried out trying to find an explanation for this phenomenon. The traditional ones are founded on the fact that our memory is imperfect and this phenomenon could be caused by several reasons, among them:

  • Disinformation: If you don’t have a deep memory of a fact and another person tell us a story in detail, although being a lie, our memory fixes this lie as a true based in what other people told us.
  • The confirmation bias: Most of the time we try to find information to confirm our beliefs or hypothesis.
  • Cryptomnesia: Our mind tries to place things that we have imagined in the place of memory.
  • False memory: Mental disorder common among those affected by post-traumatic stress, sometimes, if we have experienced some traumatic event, our brain adapts the experience to new more acceptable memories.
  • Cognitive dissonance: When we received information that contradicts our interpretation of a subject, our brain rejects immediately the new interpretation and the related information to the fact.
  • Confabulation: an effect that some people suffer by which unconsciously produce incorrect memories about the most trivial details, although it could lead to new, more complex memories. In general, people who suffer from it are extremely trusting in their memories and usually resist any contradictory evidence.

   But believers of paranormal phenomena look other explanations such as parallel universes and merging with other dimensions, based in CERN’s experiments. They have intended to find illusory particles that could potentially show evidence of a multiverse, create tiny black holes or discover dark matter. They have been trying to find gravitons, one of the quantum particles that essentially correspond with how gravity would react between different dimensions. It is a fascinating subject and but it is still only hypothetical.

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This video shows some of the most famous cases of the Mandela effect:

  • Moon Landings
  • Publishers Clearing House
  • Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • Human Anatomy
  • Plane engines
  • The Thinker
  • Statue of Liberty

Take a look at the photos and send us your comments to know your opinion and if you like the subject let us know to post more cases of the Mandela Effect.

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