Mass Animal Deaths Booms & Snow in Rome? SOMETHING STRANGE IS GOING ON

It is no secret that we live in a time of this world where UNEXPLAINABLE things CONTINUE to occur.

 One of the most bizarre occurrences that cannot be ignored is when thousands of animals are suddenly found dead.  This phenomena of mass die-off are sweeping the globe, throughout many species and geographical areas and seem to occur very quickly.

There are MULTIPLE types of animals in different environments and geographical locations which begs us to examine these disasters closer since there cannot be one universal reason. Many of us have heard about this happening, and we can no longer brush it off with excuses.

Furthermore, we dive into unexplainable explosion-like sounds, “booms” in the night, that is also sweeping the globe. Multiple people in one area have heard these loud sounds; however, there has yet to be an agency that can uncover or explain the occurrences, heard by sometimes hundreds of people in one area.

We may not be able to explain these mysterious events yet.
But we are waking up to the fact that it is something bigger, and SOMETHING STRANGE IS GOING ON…

 What do you think could be the explanation of such disastrous events? Have you experienced one of these sonic-like booms that have yet to be explained?

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