Matrix Fail: Glitch in the Matrix EXPOSED

Are we all becoming more aware of the world around us in such a way that we’re noticing the various “glitches” in the holographic matrix? Or, is this type of phenomena new… and only some of us are conscious enough to notice it?

The man who posted this video was simply driving along the highway when he noticed something freakishly weird – not once, BUT THREE TIMES in one stretch of road. This man spotted what seems to be a HUGE glitch in the “holographic reality” we refer to as “The Matrix.” And, luckily for us, he videotaped his experience…while possibly endangering other drivers but we’ll give him a pass for catching this anomaly.

NOW GET THIS – he caught not one, but THREE aeroplanes “flying” ridiculously low to the ground.
Upon closer look, they are not moving. AT ALL. They appear to simply be hovering while motionless, above the people below it who are way too oblivious to notice, except for him. A huge pat on the back to him.

In this physical Earthly realm, life can get pretty strange to those of us who are mindful of our surroundings. But there are times that “strange” just isn’t enough to explain what’s happening. In fact, there quite possibly isn’t a word in the English language to describe these types of experiences. This video portrays one of those types of events.

Are these visibly stagnant aeroplane actually holograms, or simply an optical illusion?

Click the link below to decide for yourself.

Youtube DelawareValley Skywatch

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