PROOF Famous Magician DYNAMO works through DEMONS?

The following video features the famed English magician who goes by the stage name “Dynamo.” Having suffered a life-threatening disease his entire life, it seems very bizarre he is able to perform some of the tricks that he does.

His tricks are hypnotic, mysterious, and sometimes downright spooky.
He chalks it up to his belief in “mind over matter.”

During one trick, he takes an obviously empty bucket, and without allowing his audience to lose sight of it, simply tips it over and empties out so many fish, they wouldn’t even fit into the bucket all at once if they were to be put back into it.

During another phenomenon of magic, Dynamo is able to bench press nearly 345lbs (or 155kg), after simply focusing intensely for a few moments. This almost three times MORE than Dynamo’s own body weight.

In the final trick, he is able to TWICE pickpocket someone by grabbing the wallet, somehow grabbing the money and TELEPORTING THE WALLET back into his pocket without even reaching over to put it back in! Fortunately for us, this author slowed the video down to 1 FRAME PER SECOND, and it still cannot be explained.

Some people believe there is another type of “force” behind his magic, such as working with demons or “Jinns,” another word in foreign countries for “genies.” When asked if there are other forces at work, he claims “maybe there is.”

One belief about those people who can perform these epic tricks is that they have sold their soul to the Jinns, and that is the only reason they have the ability to do such things.

What do you think?! Do you think that Dynamo is using paid actors/accomplices or utilizing special effects for these tricks? Or is this proof that true magic exists to those who learn to use these abilities?

Youtube The Truth Is From God

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