Real-Life Paranormal Possession! (Super CREEPY!)

People being possessed by paranormal entities is considered to be a very real, although frightening, occurrence. What is even creepier, is when inanimate objects that do not have a living vessel to begin with, are taken over by supernatural beings. In the following video, we are able to witness 5 different accounts of possession – and with recorded video as evidence, it is hard for anyone to dismiss this idea as unrealistic.

5.) Possessed Mom: This actual footage shows a woman possessed by a child’s spirit, and her husband being thrown across the room. While trying to comfort her he says he felt the entity’s static energy, which is what forced him away from her. This occurs after they were doing research in a 100-year-old haunted theatre, where the video was recorded.

4.) Possessed Teddy Bear: Here is where inanimate objects prove to have the ability to be possessed as well. A stuffed teddy bear seemed to become controlled by a paranormal energy, and as caught on the nanny cam, sits up and creeps slowly over to a sleeping child. Was it a ghost or a demon?

3.) Dead Brother Ghost: This woman has moved 5 different times to try and escape the ghost she believes is of her dead brother. She and her brother did not have a great relationship, and she was able to document the unexplainable activity on camera. After viewing the footage of objects moving on their own, and receiving bruises and scratches from the “ghoul,” it is pretty obvious that even that which is unseen can affect physical items in this realm.

2.) Man Possessed By Ghost: This man claims that he felt a ghost possessed his body; why else would someone run out of a building and into a busy street, then deliberately dive head first into the windshield of a taxi?!

1.) Creepy Doll: Fortunately for us, home security footage cannot be denied. This creepy doll’s head starts moving on its own, which is scary enough. But another piece of the video shows random objects being “pushed” off of the table, all on their own!

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