Reality or the Matrix: is life a simulation?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “a glitch in the matrix”. This idea was popularized by the movie franchise The Matrix but has seeped into reality in strange and mysterious ways.

The word “matrix” means a mould, or array, that creates or presents a copy; an imitation of the original.

The idea behind the term presents the possibility that our world (or life as we know it) is a simulation, and that as we see flaws in the consistency of our world it exposes its true nature. This idea has been postulated before, but never has it been so relevant as it is in the modern age when information is so accessible and strange happenings can be caught on video with ease. Now more than ever, people are seriously considering the idea that reality is not as simple as we thought.

Perhaps our plain of reality is being tampered with. Perhaps reality as we know it is a game or simulation for a higher power. Maybe there are simply unexplained phenomena that are affecting our world naturally.

Whatever the case here is 10 strange happenings caught on film for your viewing pleasure that left bystanders utterly speechless. From cars appearing out of nowhere, causing accidents, to men disappearing into thin air, leaving behind the objects they were carrying. I think you’ll find these strange occurrences cause us to question the nature of reality and if in fact, it is a simulation. A Matrix.


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