SCARIEST Evidence of Paranormal Beings Yet! What Would YOU do

When you intuitively feel an unexplainable energy around you, such as that of a supernatural or paranormal being, you just KNOW. Luckily for the people featured in this video, they were able to document it to prove to themselves and to others that things like poltergeists, ghosts and demons are actually VERY real.

It is said that beings who choose not to cross over from this physical life to the next realm are “stuck” in limbo. These entities are technically stuck in between dimensions – and without a physical body, can only be seen by those who are extremely in tune with unseen energy or possibly… by a camera. However, these “shadow people” typically cannot move physical objects.

So now, you need to check out THIS video and see what YOU believe.

Each and every clip of the video features unexplainable entities or spirits that, with the witness of a video camera, not only move objects but can also manipulate electronics and other electrical processes. What type of ghost, being or demon is able to completely manipulate physical matter?

Is it a poltergeist? Could it possibly be that we cannot perceive these spiritual beings because they are on a different frequency, wavelength, or dimension?

The creepiest moment is when the wheelchair starts moving – completely on its own. Wait for it…

If you or anyone you know has experienced something like this, we would love to hear about it!

Youtube Creepy Seven Paranormal

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