Science Proves That Our Life Is A Simulation

Different tests show inconsistencies about our universe making it possible for us to be a computer simulation.

Reality is much more mysterious than we have ever thought, from string theory, where it is said that there is a multiverse of universes, to the inconsistencies in everyday life with experiences that show that the laws of physics can be broken for no reason, so if reality is not what we think it is, we can assume that we are dealing with a great simulation written in the code of a computer.

This is a subject that we have probably explored since our childhood through science fiction movies, but we can also interpret it better when we play any video game of today, where we can have a character living within a digital environment, with a life, and a set of specific actions directed by us, coded from the control buttons under the code of a computer.

If we were living in a simulation, how would we do it, how would we find out, what would the simulation be like and how would we measure it? When we look for the origin of life, the universal limits and the laws that govern our physics using logic, we find nothing but mathematical equations, a kind of computer code, not unlike that of a simulation.

We can live within a game made by ourselves

For a better understanding, let’s take the example of Conway’s Game of Life, a video game that shows the universal complexity in a graphical way. It begins with a single cell and four laws governing the expanding creation, you can create very complex universes using this game; in fact, it has recreated itself within itself.

So just as in the Game of Life, if we could create an automatic enhancement system for artificial intelligence, a kind of mechanism that would improve itself and become more complex with each update, causing what is known as an explosion of intelligence or working as evolution does, we would be faced with the answers to the biggest questions of our existence.

Science says that the universe started from an explosion of information they call the Big Bang, this makes no sense if you think about how something can come out of nowhere, the only way you can really rationalize this theory is that the universe is a kind of simulation, and the Big Bang was the initial start.

Technology has its own universe capable of housing us without us knowing it.

Elon Musk raised during a conference his belief that we are living in a simulation, he raised the example of the video games of 40 years ago and compared them with the current ones, in which any person has impressive photographic and realistic shots, three-dimensional profiles that replicate reality at a level that is difficult to distinguish, and that has become a massive connection between millions of people at the same time, live on the Internet.

The millionaire talks about the progress that has been made in virtual reality, and in the connection of millions of people around the world, he talks about the indistinguishable from reality to the computerized and concluded by saying that in his opinion, we are in reality as one of the millions of what.

There is talk about the power we have today, far superior to that of any world leader 20 years ago, we can respond directly to people far away from us, answer any questions by consulting information on the Internet and access live knowledge, we can even recreate ourselves with technology, and recreate within these recreations too, giving us a kind of spiral of simulations in our universe.

The idea is raised that this simulation transcends to a singularity between machines and our brain, we already have some elements of computers in our daily lives, we do not separate from the telephone or screens at any time, we become machines, the Internet controls us, we do not think that our whole world is now operated by a machine, which is developing artificial intelligence.

So it is only a matter of time before human beings and technology merge completely, we can be locked into a cycle of technological development that makes us permanently create universes in a computerized way, starting from supposed Big Bang that is actually the beginning of computer codes representing our birth.

We are faced with the great possibility that our universe is the simulation of a computer created by some human species in the future, in reality, nothing happens until an observer observes that is how everything we know about life and the everyday world dissolves.

Our world really isn’t how we see it.

We can understand it when we study the functioning of our eyes when you look at things, the photons of light radiate and interact with the optic nerve, your brain filters out all the unnecessary light and all the things that are not relevant to your survival or to this specific world, the human experience becomes the external manifestation of an inner projection, of dreams that feel real while we are inside.

Ask yourself the most basic questions about who you are and how you function, how you came into the world apart from everything you’ve learned from books, you couldn’t mention exactly what your body is doing right now, or how life is moving, you can’t make sense of emotions or what keeps us alive, we could conclude that even time doesn’t exist and neither do you, because this is a computer simulation.

There is nothing left to wait for but the future advances that we can develop within this world and this timeline, how we will manage to connect to the machines, how artificial intelligence will respond to our presence and from what moment to another we will begin to explore the timeline to find answers, using an explosion of intelligence capable of relocating the meaning of life and what makes us human.

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