Testimony Of A Patient Suffering From Sleep Paralysis About Shadow People And Hat Man

Variety of concepts and perspectives about the shade people and the reasons for visiting us at night

A Youtuber who suffers from sleep paralysis, has recently compiled some personal experiences and confronts them with legends and scientific information about this condition that affects the rest of so many people, especially when they involve terrifying apparitions such as shadow people and the hat man, figures very widespread on the web among people who have experienced sleep paralysis.

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Urban legends speak of shadows of people who enter their rooms at night, and to whom they cannot react, nor move, often interpret them, as spirits, either the ghost of a loved one, or an evil entity with the intention of hurting, even the possibility of these shadows trying to possess the body has been discussed. The figures are often seen in the corners.

People with sleep paralysis often report hallucinations as they wake up, fear overwhelms them quickly when they realize they cannot move or scream, the sensation becomes more frightening when they begin to hear close steps or voices, begin to feel cold in the room, breathing is agitated by slight pressure on their chest, or feel they are being hanged for something.

The power of the brain

The brain has an incredible power of suggestion; most of these sensations begin to grow as the person becomes more susceptible to legends and horror movies. Imagination influences the way a person suffers from sleep paralysis, some describe dark shadows that invade the room, and showing green or blue eyes they stare, and even climb into bed without the sleeper being able to do anything about it.

These shadows are physically felt, strangled, scratched or pushed down on your chest, the process of sleep paralysis is accompanied by a feeling of suffocation, especially if you are lying on your back, due to a decrease in blood flow and brain activity, this makes the visions of a being from another world feel more real and can also have physical sensations of pain and pressure.

Other testimonies about sleep paralysis state that these shadows are actually interdimensional travellers observing humanity, some people even see them as gentiles; beings watching to protect us, while others believe they come to teach us something or learn about our lifestyle on the earth plane.

There is one particular figure that is mentioned by most people who suffer from sleep paralysis, they call it hat man, widely reported and visualized inside the rooms in the midst of a total paralysis, and it is a shadow with the figure of a tall man, wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

The hat man is a being who feeds on our energy, especially our fear, it is difficult not to feel fear when we are going through an episode of sleep paralysis, especially in front of a shadow of this kind, is where speculation comes from, from the vision of a phantasmagorical figure mentally tied to the terrifying.

The visit of the man in the hat

The Youtuber personally tells that this watchful figure has appeared to him, he would not describe it in any threatening way, the hat man standing at his door felt more like a protection, than an attack, however as he regained full conscious sense and came out of the state of paralysis, he felt completely exhausted from energy, as if in fact that figure was feeding on fear and anxiety.

But let us look for the origin of this mystery and its coincidences. Why are all these visions so similar if the human mind is unique and determines one’s personal life and fears? It is very common to wonder why so many people see the same thing, including this boy, there are cases of people who were unaware of any personal fear related to shadows before they experienced sleep paralysis and found themselves in front of these presences.

This could be explained by a brief understanding of the fear that many of us have under the influence of other factors. All the cultural references that movies, series and magazines have left us since we were kids predispose us immediately to a ghostly threat since we go to sleep at 6 years of age our parents used to joke with monsters under the bed, it’s basically the same thing.

If you are alone during the night and hear a mysterious sound, it is very likely that you will immediately imagine your worst fears, someone or something dangerous that is not known with certainty what it is, that is what is driving the fear, something unknown and that gets representation in the shadow people, if we associate it with the stage of sleep, becomes a nightmare, and we automatically suggest ourselves to danger and paralysis.

There is no real reason not to think this is about a friendly spirit, some guardian angel watching over you and protecting you from evil, but the cultural impact that villains like Freddy Krueger or Jack the Ripper has had on people represents their fears in threatening and evil figures.

We are defenceless bodies, and this feeling of hopelessness only intensifies the effects of an activated paralysis response in the brain, further triggering the projection of entities like the man in the hat, it is completely understandable to see how many people believe that.

Extracorporeal experience

Other testimonies also indicate that during the sleep phase, a person may be entering a state that allows us to see beings that we normally cannot see, you are brave enough not to fight back, and let it happen. Instead of trying to move your body and despair, you can go into lucid sleep or even have an extracorporeal experience and relax.

Very interesting cases have been reported with people who may stumble upon shadows and other creatures during these experiences; this makes one think of the idea that there is a higher level of consciousness, in which our dreams take place, which adds to the speculations of sleep paralysis, and its possible relation to a window leading to another dimension.

So we can conclude that during the paralysis of sleep there will always be some factor that makes us feel anxious and afraid, but we can begin to interpret this as an opportunity to courageously face what keeps us paralyzed, and so the episodes will become less and less frightening, until the shadow people and the hat man disappear

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