The alarming secret theory that shakes cities with unexplained explosions and flashes of light

The alarming secret theory that shakes cities with unexplained explosions and flashes of light

Terrified neighbourhoods have suffered structural damage from unexplained explosions in the sky, which can originate underground.

Discussed on the streets, social networks and in the media, a big explosion shook a neighbourhood in Girard, Ohio, set off car alarms and lifted neighbours from their seats, felt like a bomb went off, yet the exact location of the explosion could not be determined.

It is dawn and the inhabitants of the neighborhood comment on what happened, the event has caused structural damage to some houses, shaking windows, walls and ceilings with force, some describe it as an earthquake, others as an underground explosion, the authorities collect testimonies and ask themselves the same question as everyone else, nobody knows for sure what happened.

However, this is just another time when an explosion without logical reasons disturbs the tranquility of the site, the neighbors are already accustomed to hearing every week thunderous noises that sit in the sky and under the earth, without the authorities can offer an explanation about it, the local media constantly report on the situation and can be seen on the walls of some buildings as the shock waves have left their mark.

On another occasion, at 9:28 PM on March 28, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio, the neighborhood rests after another normal day of activity, a surveillance camera is on a pole recording the tranquility of a desolate street, when suddenly in the sky there is a huge flash of light that illuminates the trees, and a few seconds later there is a loud rumble, confirmed, has been another explosion.

The neighbours are alarmed, some wake up very frightened and the pets flee, there has been a big explosion in the region, but you cannot determine exactly where it originated, there is only the recording of the camera pointing to the flash in the sky, seconds before the unexplained roar.

Getting used to explosions

Despite the fact that the explosion was much stronger than the others, the inhabitants say that this phenomenon has been going on for several years, can be felt a couple of times a week, and has caught the attention of different specialists who are trying to find a logical explanation for the event.

The most shared theory is that something happens underground, it can feel like a sudden and strong movement of energy that strikes upward, but that doesn’t explain the flashes in the sky, it’s here where the researchers of extraterrestrial life comment that it can be about superior technology, directing very powerful electric waves to the ground to drive underground machines.

Others venture to say that these lights in the sky are embedded in the earth at high speed, causing explosions capable of shaking the city without leaving any trace of its origin, even if it seems like a film, it might make sense given the coincidence between the flashes and the explosions that are heard almost at the same time.

But let’s evaluate the logical probabilities of human intervention in this phenomenon, and remember the theories and rumours that point to a large network of secret tunnels and military bases that cross the United States from east to west, and have solid evidence of its construction for more than 50 years.

This is how we found a very appropriate relationship to the map that was leaked on the Internet recently, where you could see the distribution of secret tunnels on the west coast of the United States, showing direct links marked with circles to secret military bases underground, remember that this is classified material and therefore the information cannot be verified.

The legitimacy of the map indicating tunnels and underground bases

It is valid for some people to discredit this information, after all, anyone can draw a map with random dots and make sure they have real information, but there are some circumstances that make me think that it is a legitimate map and that it hides a fairly important meaning to understand the whole mystery surrounding the case.

My reasons are related to the research work done by David Paulides, author of a book in which all the mysterious disappearances surrounding national parks were compiled; every year many people disappear in America under strange circumstances, and most of the cases occur near national parks.

Mr Paulides comments on inexplicable cases of people who disappear in these places and after a couple of days are found at a huge distance, impossible to walk in such a short time, and although this is a bit far from the main topic of this article, it coincides perfectly when comparing the map that points to the place of these strange disappearances with the supposedly leaked map of secret tunnels and underground bases.

The points coincide in some cases to perfection, while in the rest the distance is very short, making sense that under the earth there are extensive secret facilities that can hold energy, extraterrestrial life or are used for classified military experimentation, it would also make sense that the lights are electrical forms of life that are housed underground in these facilities, causing an explosion by penetrating the ground quickly.

Thus, the mystery may make more sense if we realize that the greatest number of these underground facilities are located under the places that have suffered unexplained explosions, in the west of the country, and that according to the information shows an expansion towards the east coast until today, giving meaning to the increase in the repetition of this phenomenon in an intense way.

There are only theories so far that trying to make sense of the strange explosions that shake the people of Ohio, whether it be the secret operation of bases and tunnels under the earth or lights charged with energy that penetrates the atmosphere and is embedded in the earth at high speed, the phenomenon continues to repeat itself every week, without anyone being able to give a true explanation of the case.

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