The Dark Truth About Unicorns!

At the very least, what you are about to see is a very strange statement on the level society is at.

What are magical symbols?
The true magic symbol is an image which hides an inner meaning, this meaning is usually cunningly hidden behind a form which most people (only) think they can understand immediately.

Unicorn Meanings!

Could there be a deeper meaning or something else going on with unicorns?
Have you noticed the Inundation of the unicorns?
Unicorns which should be rare mythical creatures or beasts, are now found everywhere, from toy unicorns, lunch boxes, clothing with unicorn prints, kids unicorn poop toys, fluffy unicorns, even adult unicorn costumes the list is endless.

YouTube Truthstream Media

Why are they targeting very young girls to wear or act like unicorns, i mean come on what is going on, For a “new Age” New age symbols such as the rainbow, Pegasus, the unicorn, the all seeing eye of freemasonry, and triple-sixes were to be increasingly displayed.

The all Seeing Eye

The unicorn is a modern symbol of the Antichrist, the symbol tells of the new ruler or one world government, which may or may not happen, but they are doing a great job brain washing everyone including our young kids.

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