The mysterious lights of Hessdalen

No one has yet been able to explain with certainty what these lights are and why they appear so often in the Norwegian sky.
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For many years the people of central Norway have been amazed by a strange phenomenon that happens in the sky all the time, is of the light type, appears regularly specifically in the Hessdalen valley, and can last from a few seconds to more than an hour.

Sometimes the phenomenon manifests itself in white and sometimes yellow lights, but always with a high glow, which seem to be floating above the sky and moving without a specific pattern. Sometimes they remain so for long periods of time, the first reports of the mysterious lights appeared in the 1930s and have been very common in the region ever since.

Although the phenomenon has been seen for several decades since it was first seen, the greatest activity occurred between 1980 and 1984, as Hessdalen lights appeared up to 20 times a week, after several months, the number of strange lights in the sky was reduced, and since then only 10 to 15 sightings per year are reported.

A large number of strange light appearances in the sky made the Norwegian and Swedish UFO organization work together on a research project to find a logical explanation for Hessdalen lights, trying to gather information about this phenomenon and whether it posed a danger to the local inhabitants.

Hessdalen lights were not an isolated or secret event, this intense light activity in the sky was reported by thousands of citizens of the region and tourists, from several kilometers in the countryside of central Norway have witnessed, there are even recordings and photographs that continue to circulate on the Internet and attract many researchers of the UFO phenomenon.

It has been a long time since the phenomenon has been known, but there is still no satisfactory explanation for its causes, making it one of the great unresolved enigmas of our planet. Scientists have tried to give some explanations about this phenomenon, one hypothesis refers to the ionization of crystal clouds, and other chemical processes in the sky that cause the appearance of radioactive flashes in the atmosphere.

But since there are always the sides that escape science, skeptics talk about the theory of superior intelligence, extraterrestrials behind the lights and a message sent by secret societies far more evolved than the human race. This hypothesis has been proposed on several occasions but researchers have refused to evaluate it, until all possible alternatives known in the scientific world have been ruled out.

Some think that the frequency with which these lights appear in the sky means a kind of code, which we have not yet been able to decipher, but there is something that differentiates the Hessdalen lights from the rest of the UFO phenomena. The phenomenon has not stopped happening, people can approach the fields of the Hessdalen valley in Norway at any time of the year and witness this strange event in the sky.

Perhaps they are withholding information from us, or perhaps it is a natural radioactive phenomenon, the truth is that so far no one has been able to prove any theory that logically explains the appearance of Hessdalen lights, nor his frequent activity in the sky.

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