The Real Paranormal: Strange phenomena caught on video

Do you believe in ghosts? Whether you do or not, there is no denying that strange happenings and unexplained appearances have shaken peoples resolve across the globe. These used to be dismissed as folklore, myth, or hoaxes. But in the modern age, it becomes harder and harder to deny the evidence caught on video.

What these particular videos have in common is a presence: some sort of life (or perhaps afterlife) that is affecting the normal world. Something paranormal. None of the people filming these seems to be out to make a scary video. Most are simply going about their routine when suddenly something strange, even terrifying happens.

First, an assembly of children outside a church in Russia in which one child is not quite like the rest. Next, a woman in a gym is joined by an unexpected participant. After that, we see a stairwell with an unusual occupant. Then, a little girl is upstaged by an odd moving shadow behind her. The fifth video shows a man delivering a message to his family that is shockingly cut short. And a lastly, a child playing a cup stacking game is unaware as something rises in the background.

Perhaps seeing these will change your mind about the paranormal, or confirm the suspicions you had. Either way, I think you’ll find that unexplained phenomena are more common than you thought. In the case of those who filmed these clips, that may not be a settling thought.

Youtube The Wonderful World Of Weirdness

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