The strange case of Dyatlov Pass

No one has yet been able to explain with certainty what happened during that expedition at Dyatlov Pass

A strange case shook the world during the last century, involving several hikers who died in strange circumstances. An attempt has been made to link the few remaining clues to the case to make a meaningful hypothesis, but no one can definitely say for certain that it was the death of these people or the strange conditions of the environment.

The event occurred in 1959, a group of hikers decided to make an intense expedition in the mountainous and frozen region located to the east of the Soviet Union, they were 8 men and 2 women, all had knowledge of survival and experience, they resorted to places like that and were very familiar with hiking and contact with the wild nature in hostile conditions, however this would be the last expedition of the group.

The group of hikers and skiers made their way to the Ural Mountains, using various methods of transportation to move through the mountains and deeper and deeper into the place they wanted to explore. The temperature was incredibly low, and for this reason and possible bad food, the hiker Yuri Yudin was beginning to feel a little sick, so he decided not to continue with the group and returned home.

His 9 fellow hikers invited him to rest and recuperate in order to complete the expedition together, but Yuri did not feel comfortable there, so he turned around and took the road back, not knowing that this would be the last time he would see his friends alive, and possibly have saved himself from being part of the tragedy that was about to occur in the strange case of the Dyatlov Pass.

The hikers continued on their way, recording their records and logs, reporting in detail all the conditions of the road, as well as having cameras and notebooks to write down their personal impressions and record the experience on paper. Everything indicated that the expedition was progressing smoothly, they were surprised by the hostile landscape, and the terrain conditions made it difficult for them to advance great distances.

Several days later they arrived at the foot of “Death Mountain” and began to climb it, but they realized that the slope was very steep and the temperature was extreme, the snow was very thick and they had to work hard to advance a few meters, so they decided to set up a camp in a stable place on the mountain, hundreds of meters before reaching the top, believing that they would be safe from any threat there.

The search team

One, two, three weeks passed and the news from the hikers was silent, the time allotted for the expedition had passed and they had to be back at home, so the relatives and friends of the group of adventurers organized a search in the mountains, hoping for the worst.

After walking several kilometers through the snow and wild landscape, they located the camp in chilling conditions, they knew that something bad had happened, but they could not imagine what they saw, everyone was shocked by a bloody and confusing scene, it was evident that something horrible had happened.

The camp was completely destroyed, showing evidence of an emergency that forced the hikers to cut the cloth from the inside in order to escape an unknown threat, the group’s belongings remained tidy and suggested that they had no time to organize a calm evacuation, they were forced to leave in despair and without time.

The search team found something even more disconcerting several meters from the camp, the hikers had left their tracks in different directions, going down into the nearby forest but without running, this indicates that the threat that forced them to escape was inside the camp, and once they left they decided to look for resources in the forest to protect themselves from the cold and whatever had forced them to leave desperately.

Almost a kilometer from the camp they found a makeshift campfire next to the frozen bodies of Yuri Doroshenko and Yuri Krivonischenko, who had taken off their pants, boots, and gloves, were only in their underwear in front of a tree that had broken branches at the top, as if someone had tried to climb it unsuccessfully.

Several days later they managed to find three other dead hikers, in another direction and at different distances, who also lacked the essentials to cope with the cold and had minor injuries, the autopsy showed that they had died of hypothermia while trying to return to camp.

The last four hikers were found at the bottom of the mountain, covered by several meters of snow accumulated during all those days of searching, strangely enough they had had a more painful death, three of them had suffered lethal injuries, one had a skull fracture and two had multiple fractures in the ribs and suffered internal bleeding. The coroner analyzed the bodies and awarded the injuries to a fall.

In total it took them 2 months to recover the body of the hikers, the condition of the bodies was chilling, two had huge eye sockets and one of the women had no tongue, another had a broken nose and a deformed neck but died of hypothermia, and the most mysterious of all the evidence left by the tragedy was three items of clothing with a high level of radioactivity.

Conclusions that lead nowhere

The investigator who handled the case wrote in the final report a very strange conclusion, which left no one satisfied and increased the confusion, making the strange case of the Dyatlov Pass a topic of conversation throughout the region during that time, the text literally said “The cause of death was an unknown force, which hikers could not overcome”.

Theories of mystery lovers have continued to emerge around the world, and after half a century no one has been able to prove that it was the death of the hikers, nor have they determined that they were forced to take off their clothes, separate and leave the camp. Some say they were attacked by a monster, others think they were victims of a biological weapon developed by the Soviet Union, and some think they went crazy from extraterrestrial waves.

Conditions such as radioactivity on the clothing of two hikers, the tree with broken branches, the camp open from the inside, tidy belongings, footprints in different directions, fatal injuries, intoxication of 4 dead and many other rare conditions have caused the strange case of Dyatlov Pass to remain a mystery, although some researchers like the one in the following video have formed their own theories.



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