The strange events recorded by a surveillance camera in Yellowstone

Until now, the park authorities have yet to make any statements on the matter.

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A series of very strange events occurred in Yellowstone National Park, in the United States a couple of months ago, although the information was not widely disseminated at that time and it is only now that it has begun to spread through the Internet, it seems that these events have been covered up suspiciously by the authorities and no one has officially pronounced themselves on the matter.

Yellowstone National Park sits directly on a giant, active volcano, cataloged as a threat of unimaginable proportions capable of destroying half the country, and which, according to the scientific community, could explode at any time, even though it has not registered seismic activity for a very long time.

Yellowstone has been a national park since 1872, but it was about 50 years ago that scientists realized the scale of the volcano underground, more than 70 kilometers long and with devastating potential, capable of sweeping the national territory and sending clouds of ash and hot rock across borders.

The geological structure of Yellowstone is completely alive and threatening with catastrophic eruptions, its fame is so great that even apocalyptic films like “2012” show what the scenario would be like if it were to explode, and some documentaries have been broadcast to alert the community to what they have under their feet.

Yellowstone is an incredible place, the scenery is surreal and has many spaces that seem to be from another planet, but it is also the site of strange events, such as those that a surveillance camera recently managed to film and broadcast live to an Internet fan who is dedicated to watching and sharing videos of the park on its Youtube channel.

In the video you can see a strange situation, about which there is still no official report, an ambulance arrives at an area of the park, some paramedics get off on a stretcher and approach a body that is lying on the ground, it is not possible to appreciate if it is a person or an animal, but apparently it is inmobile. One of the specialists illuminates it with his flashlight while the others remain on site.

The strange thing happens next, when two bright lights emerge between the mountains, one of them rises and disappears, while the other one starts to rise and then shoots out in the distance and explodes in front of the camera with a lot of brightness, the ambulance immediately leaves the place and you can’t see if the body remains on the ground.

The person who managed to capture the image and upload it to the Internet was responsible for disseminating it and communicating via e-mail with the park authorities, asking about the events, however, they simply answered that it was a minor incident, in which a person who suffered a normal fall and had difficulty walking, completely ignoring that strange light that explodes in the sky in front of the camera.

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