The Zone of Silence: A desert with no sound

“Communications cease to function; there is no logical explanation for the vacuum in the Zone of Silence.”
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Today we will talk about a mysterious place in the Mexican desert known as “the Zone of Silence”, as well as the famous Bermuda Triangle, is a perfect example of the strong influence that the magnetic points of the planet can have on communications and electrical appliances.

In this place, things have happened that defy all logic and have left the highest levels of local authorities, neighbors and tourists in the region confused, sharing borders with three states, Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila, the most interesting thing about this area is that it shares alignment with the “Bermuda Triangle” and the Giza Pyramids, and like the last two sites, this huge Mexican desert has its own anecdotes.

The Zone of Silence surprised Francisco Sarabia, a legendary Mexican aviator who went down in history for breaking a speed record during a trip in Mexico City, this man got a huge scare with an incident that almost took his life, when he was flying over this sector of the desert, suddenly his airplane lost all communication, from the base they knew something was wrong.

The radio of the plane had been completely silent, from the speaker there was only a growing white noise, that usually means that an airplane has crashed, because for a radio device to fail it must be completely destroyed, the aviators were prepared for the worst, but the plane had not crashed, it was still flying, its radio equipment had apparently entered a very strange vacuum.

Francisco Sarabia experienced failures of all kinds in his equipment, the clocks had gone completely mad, the systems were not responding, and the compass was not working, the man said that panic had invaded him, the situation was absurd, the man made a crash landing, fortunately he lived to tell the tale but by his own choice, he would never fly over that desert again.

On another, much more delicate occasion, on July 11, 1970, a test missile was launched from the Green River military base in Utah, United States, the device was programmed to fly through the sky and fall on another base in New Mexico, but the weapon surprisingly took a new destination, was diverted at least 400 kilometers, and to the shame of the American army, crossed the border into Mexico.

They never knew why the missile had failed in such a way, but they did know where it landed, right in the Zone of Silence. The military, Americans got a permit from the neighboring country after apologizing, to cross the border and look for their device, a military convoy located it and analyzed it, but the officers again asked for permission, this time to stay a while longer in the area, they wanted to study the place.

They never revealed the results of the investigation, but it is evident that they found something frightening, in the Zone of Silence a record number of UFO sightings have been detected, the drivers of the few cars that cross the lonely road that crosses it, have had horrible anecdotes, they assure that they have found people walking along the edge of the road in the midst of total darkness, with deformed and ghostly silhouettes.

It is common to hear that cars crash in the area without explanation, and after a short time return to work without problems, there are also a lot of animal skeletons, farmers who live in nearby areas say that these creatures escape from the farms and choose to go to the Zone of Silence as if they were attracted by some powerful force.


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