True Story About The 7 Most Terrifying Pictures Ever

What happens beyond death?

What’s up with the spirit? It is a subject has always disturbed the human being.
The eternal controversy between scientists and followers of paranormal phenomena about phantasmagorical images in photos and videos make us wonder about the veracity of those images.

St. Mary’s Guildhall Specter

It is believed that the first person who captured the image of a spirit in a photograph was the American amateur photographer William Mulder, in the early 1980s.
The image corresponded to a deceased cousin of his, but when the experts began to discover the tricks used by Mulder, the veracity of that image was put in doubt,
However, he became professional and took advantage of the relatives of the Civil War dead eager to have some contact with their loved ones.

Vacation Party Ghost

As the use of the camera became popular, more charlatans were appearing in the subject of the ghostly apparitions and already at the beginning of the First World War, the photography of spirits had gained many followers, It was in 1875 when William Stainton Moses devoted himself to researching the subject and after submitting more than 600 photos, he assured that there was not more than a dozen that could be considered supernatural images.

At the end of the war, photographer William Hope devoted himself to this work but was accused by Harry Prince, on behalf of the Society for Physical Investigation, of being an imposter who played with double-exposure technique.
Ten years later, Prince would investigate the case of a photo published in the Country Life magazine under the title of The Brown Woman, which showed two men at the foot of a staircase and a vaporous silhouette of a woman coming down towards them.
At first, it was believed that it was Lady Dorothy Townshend who died mysteriously in 1976. Although Prince believed that the photograph had not been tampered with, in 1937 the Physical Research Society concluded that the image was the result of shaking the camera during an exhibition of six seconds.

Although today there are many resources that allow digitally manipulate the images, the seven photographs shown here have been presented as originally published as a real sample that if there are ghosts. The photos show the ghostly images of people who clung to their homes and refused to abandon them even after death, people whose image appears in places where they had great physical suffering or moral pain, people who died in mysterious way, people who refuse to abandon their loved ones dear ones still alive, monks who perhaps were cloistered in old buildings, small creatures that did not live long enough and their energy remains.

Reality or manipulation? You have the last word.

We suggest you see them, judge yourselves and send us your comments, as well as any other photograph that you consider, shows evidence of ghostly presence. Here is the list of the seven creepiest real ghost photos of all time, in the order that the video presents them:
• St. Mary’s Guildhall Specter
• Vacation Party Ghost
• Tulip Staircase Ghost
• Pink Lady Of Greencastle
• Electric Chair Ghost
• Farm Boy Ghost
• Back Seat Ghost

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