We’re close to being exterminated by artificial intelligence

Many intellectuals around the world claim that to continue to develop artificial intelligence is to accelerate the end of the human race.

For several decades, artificial intelligence has been one of the most predominant subjects in science fiction. The idea that a machine can show the same level of intelligence and sensitivity that a human being has captivated writers and the general public for many years has been represented in very popular films and novels that became iconic at the end of the last century and seems to be getting closer and closer to reality.

In recent years some intellectuals such as Elon Musk, Sam Harris, and Stephen Hawking himself decided to talk about this important subject, expressed concern and were against the development of unlimited artificial intelligence, alluding to the fact that enormous human incompetence would be exposed, and machines could take over, subjecting us to a danger to life and nature.

Some believe that developing artificial intelligence is an insult to the evolution of millions of years that we have had as human species, and they think it is a double-edged sword, since the destructive potential that man represents can generate intelligent weapons with the capacity to commit unimaginable genocides, based on a control that can be deactivated at any time and can end in total domination by machines.

This may sound like the movie “Terminator” and it’s funny to some people, but when we see news like the incredible breakthrough that the robot Sophia, developed in Saudi Arabia and accredited with a real citizen identity, has had or the scare that the Google researchers had when two robots created their own language and started talking without anyone controlling them, we can see that we are no longer far from what was once fiction.

Artificial intelligence began to surpass our abilities several years ago, and every day it develops new skills to replace us, even in areas that until a few months ago were thought impossible to imitate. The best chess players in the world have already been overtaken by artificial intelligence, which means that a lifetime of studying strategies to win a game of chess was useless in the face of programming a machine with artificial intelligence.

Replaced by machines

The limit of the development of artificial intelligence cannot yet be determined, more and more jobs and human responsibilities are being taken over by machines (these tasks are being done more quickly, efficiently and in an organized manner, without fatigue, rest periods or complaints), which means that many companies are beginning to lay off their workers in order to replace human strength with robotics.

Assuming that it is possible what will happen when machines become more competent in the performance of any physical and mental work, we humans will be unemployed, without useful functions to do for the functioning of society, we will be displaced and dominated by machines, and we will be in a very serious problem that has not been seen so far.

It is impressive the capacity of development that artificial intelligence has, there are even machines that have begun to compose musical pieces at a professional level, without the need to use real musical instruments, simply imitating the sound waves that these instruments would release.

A short time ago, Google surprised the world with an unprecedented, impressive, but also chilling technological advance. They managed to get the company’s voice assistant to call a beauty salon and make a reservation, using a natural voice with human expressions, just like a woman’s, impossible to distinguish. Unlike the synthesizers used a couple of years ago, this time Google developed a technology capable of speaking fluently and with a natural tone of voice.

YouTube Jeffrey Grubb

This can mean an enormous risk for the privacy of users, taking into account that communication today is generally at a distance, artificial intelligence has allowed the creation of hyperrealistic models of people, animals and even places, which mixed with these synthetic voices could make anyone believe that they are talking to a human being, when in fact it is a machine.

Every day we become more dependent on technology, there is nothing that is totally disconnected from electronic cards, microphones, electricity or signal receiver, at least not for the important things that allow us to work, organize our agenda and communicate. Our phone is active all day, voice assistants are activated with specific commands, but the microphone is working all day, so nothing prevents artificial intelligence from listening to us without our permission.

How can we deal with something that is superior to us in every way, is watching us all day long and has control of our finances, vehicles, agendas, and even homes? There is no possible way to win in a battle against the machines if they decided to take over the world.

In the meantime, we can only keep an eye on the latest developments and hope that the developers can see beyond their ambitions, understanding that they are bringing us closer to a very serious problem, which has a high chance of moving our species into chaos.


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