What Are The 4 Types Of Shadow People and are They Real?

Shadow folks are a pariah to our darkest fears.  Every one can imagine waking in the middle of the night only to see in their sleepy eyes, some shape looking at you from the doorway.

A form that seems very dark, watching and looking at you as you sleep.

You think to yourself, what could this be? where did it come from? what does it want from me? has it been here very long?

So we investigate some information that is basic is common to all or any shadow people and then break things down into some feasible classes of shadow individuals who people may encounter.

Basic Definition Of Shadow People

We ought to get over the commonalities of the entities that are categorized as the group of shadow people before we explore the kinds of shadow people.

Some traditional features of shadow individuals are:

  1. A shape that is normally male to look at
  2. They’ve been alert to us and react to our observing them
  3. The shadow that is typical is tall, ranging from about 6′ to 7′
  4. Very often they be seemingly wrapped in a cloak or large old cloak that is fashioned
  5. Hats are maybe not uncommon
  6. Their appearance has depth to it, unlike a shadow cast on a wall that is flat
  7. Quite typically they have no visible eyes,  many will have glowing eyes being red
  8. Shadow people are rarely reported to have tried or spoken to communicate
  9. Physical objects seem never to matter to them and they can walk through walls
  10. Could have a shape that is demonic demeanour

This list encompasses the bulk of the entities that fall under the very heading that is broad of People.

Recommendations On Protecting Yourself From Shadow People

Shadow People Motivations
Because  the classification of Shadow People can be so big, their motivations are fairly wide-ranging.  Sometimes the inspiration that is apparent of people is tied to their source.

Lurking Shadow People

Generally present in homes and incredibly often around bedrooms, the shadow that is classic tend to be lurking.  They will stand in doorways or corners watching their victims just. These types of shadow entities don’t generally seem to have any intent, they are simply here watching.  Sometimes they’ll wander a location, after individuals, or stalking them. Very often they flee at being noticed, vanishing around corners or simply by going through a wall that is solid.

Typically these are the classic human shaped shadows, sometimes with a hat and sometimes by having a cloak or coat that is large. Less common is just a figure that is vague a lot more like a human having a cloth over them kind of form.

Encounters with this specific class of shadow people typically install an awareness of foreboding or dread. Whether this is certainly just component of our instinctive reaction to seeing something dark in the night, or just around them is open for debate if they really exude a sense of fear. Some seem to you should be observing us with unspoken intent.

This class of Shadow People appear primarily become attached to an specific and were recognized to follow people from one location to the next.

Caution is used though with any of these entities, as a neutral in intent shadow person may be a aggressive actually one waiting for an opening.

Aggressive or dangerous Shadow People

I would personally be remiss if i did son’t mention that some shadow individuals fitting the description that is classic in fact malevolent. This is why I think all shadow entities must certainly be treated having a level that is high of. Even if a shadow person is not initially hostile, it may simply be described as a ploy.

Considering than we do, they are very capable of awaiting humans to break straight down or have a weak minute, giving them an opportunity to act on us we are dealing with entities which could have much different perception of time.

If you have a shadow that is persistent, use a significant level of caution!

Visitors And Transient Shadow People

There is apparently a course of shadow people that are less thinking about that which we are doing but have their own agenda. They are seen typically going from a single destination to a different, and seem not particularly thinking about the goings on of those that observe them.

Of all of the the types of Shadow People, these are the understood that is least because they do not linger and connect to us.

Shadow Figures As Omens

Some sightings of shadow people look become omens or portents of something bad happening, just like the legends of seeing a Barghest (Hell Hound) is a portent of death.

Much like the kind that is lurking People, these entities are usually associated with only one person and so are a more transitory occurrence, stopping after the event or tragedy has brought place.

Haunting Shadow Figures

The past class that is main of individuals are those tied up up to a location and seem to haunt only that area. Several types of shadow people compensate this grou that is big their motivations vary considerably depending on the kind of Shadow individual.  In basic, though, those that haunt a location tend to be more dangerous and malevolent to encounter.  They have been less likely to flee when spotted and may actually decide to strike instead.

Within my estimation, the malevolent that is least of the class are simply spirits that are negative in nature.  The demonic shadow creatures at the extreme other end  of the spectrum are the worst of this Shadow individuals.  Whatever they want is usually to convey their emotions on us.  For weaker ones, that would be scratches  and feelings which can be ill.  Stronger entities, are capable of full-on belongings, throwing objects or people who are shoving.

If you decide to investigate a location with a known, repeating shadow entity, please use caution that is extreme.

4 Main Kinds Of Shadow People

Now you might encounter them, we have to talk in regards to the main forms of shadow people who we have explored their motivations and where.  There appears become some relationship to the form or form that the shadow individual needs to where they are discovered and what their intent is.

Human Shaped Shadow People

These make up the bulk of the Shadow People sightings, and include the typical figure that is cloaked  shadow people wearing hats.  These may come in many different combinations.  Obviously what these shadow people are is speculation that is pure this time.

The shadow that is persistent of the lurking variety don’t generally appear to be purely wicked in intent, and almost seem more enthusiastic about us or at the very least in feeding off our energy.  Other people are merely negative manifestations of spirits. Almost universally though, they are an indicator of something negative.

Black Mass Shadow People

Less human in form, but nevertheless of the size that is general the black colored mass type of shadow people supply the impression of being a human figure but more fuzzy or blurred.  They can change in form, forming more of a cloud, nevertheless the impression is always that an entity it there.

It really is my assertion that many of the mass that is black People are former negative spirits which have begun growing in power and are losing their human identity.  They truly are fades and becomes distorted as they absorb more and more negative emotion their sense of being human being and who. The become a type of the after type of shadow people, demonic in the end.

Demonic Shadow Individuals With Red Eyes

Definitely the absolute most dangerous of the types of Shadow People, demonic shadows should be prevented at all costs.  These are one of the few types that you can often see the eyes of among Shadow people.  Many accounts of them talk of radiant red eyes, which is a sign that is particularly bad.

Demonic types differ widely, but frequently retain a shape that is humanoid but are often exaggerated in height, have wings or horns or elongated fingers. They cannot provide the impression of being truly a ghost that is normal a sentient entity.

Fortunately these demonic Shadow individuals are typically linked with one location

Other Forms Of Shadow People

There are yet more types that fall to the Shadow People categories.  One that is more common is the Old Hag shadow person.  Other less reports that are typical of shadow people that are non-human, but seem more alien than demonic in nature.  Needless to say there may also be other shadow entities, such as dogs.

In reality, there is probable a class of shadow people who actually are aliens, but simply give us a forms that are shadowy they connect to us.

Summary On Shadow People

Obviously, all Shadow People are absolutely nothing to take gently. They can appear for just what seems like no good reason and start meddling with this lives within just pleasant ways.

That you cannot dispose of, I would very suggest contacting a professional and enlisting their assistance in ridding yourself of those entities if at all possible if you are experiencing one.

The site Psychic Universe includes a suggestions which are few coping with Shadow People and protecting yourself from them.

Have You Encountered Shadow People?

Maybe you have had are are you shadow that is encountering?  If so, please compose in and let us know about it.  We want to share your experience utilizing the world so that others will understand so we will get an improved grip on what these shadow people want that they aren’t alone within their encounters.

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