WHAT IF I TOLD YOU Morpheus NEVER said “What if I told you”

There are a lot of now popular and infamous quotes that come from one of the most epic movies of our time, “The Matrix.” One of the most well-known quotes is:

 “What if I told you, that everything you knew was a lie?” – MORPHEUS

So now, WHAT IF I TOLD YOU… this famous quote is no longer in “The Matrix” Trilogy at all…?!

 The most interesting thing is this: one of the most VIRAL sets of memes on the internet today show the image of Morpheus from The Matrix where he says this famous line of “what if I told you…” and people have created “their own” sentence to create something hilarious. There are thousands of examples of this, with the newest set saying:

What if I told you…that I never said what if I told you.”

 This is one of the latest examples of what the masses have dubbed as “The Mandela Effect,” and not only is this concept beyond fascinating, it is downright strange.


Is this proof that the Mandela Effect is in fact very real, and it is possible we have experienced a dimensional time shift? Or that maybe some of us live in different realities? Or that we do in fact LIVE IN A MATRIX?

Let us know your thoughts!

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