10 More Reasons to Believe in Time Travel

Once again, we step observe strange occurrences in history with the burning question: was this the result of time travel? The topic has continued to be debated and here we look at more examples to support the theory that time travel is not only possible, but it has affected our past.

From men who cheated the stock market with an unbelievable degree of success to depictions of astronauts on a cathedral built in the 16th century, here are some pretty spectacular coincidences that may be much more.

Appearances of people seemingly from another time are more commonplace than most people realize. Whether these are people with eccentric fashion sense and visionary ideas of technology, historical enthusiasts that want to embody a persona from the past, or actual time travellers, there is no denying that these people have left the witnesses dumbfounded and left without answers.

Time travel, however, seems to account for these inconsistencies across the board. So what do you think? Are these mere coincidences, random eccentrics, misunderstandings? Or does the theory of time travel hold water? Here are 10 more pieces of evidence that may sway your decision.


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