Bruce Gernon Time Travel

The strange phenomena and energies in the Bermuda Triangle led him to travel a distance in half the time possible.

The legends and stories that exist about the Bermuda Triangle are fascinating, from missing planes and ships, sightings of UFOs, explosions in the middle of the sea, deformation of the horizon, irregular magnetism and time travel, there are a lot of testimonies that shake any researcher, and today we will focus especially on the case of Bruce Gernon, the man who made a time journey through this area.

The case of Bruce Gernon and his father is astonishing, because so far he has been one of the few who has crossed the Bermuda Triangle and returned home to tell the story, his adventure occurred on December 4, 1970, in his Beechcraft Bonanza A36 plane, leaving from Andros Island (Bahamas) in the direction of Florida (United States). The usual journey takes an hour and a half, but Bruce did it in less than half.

This is something impossible to do with such a small, low-powered plane, it surprised everyone and is still an inexplicable testimony today of the abnormal forces at work in the oceanic region. Bruce says that shortly after takeoff, he saw an oval-shaped cloud in the air, in the middle of a clear, unobstructed sky.

Without attaching any importance to it, he accelerated the plane to the pile to get through it. As it entered the cluster, the air became denser and within a short time the plane was completely enveloped by the cloud and visibility was reduced to 7 or 8 kilometres. There was no lightning or rain, but there were white flashes that illuminated the sky, and although Bruce rose to 3000 meters of altitude, he could not get out of the cluster.

In the midst of the unknown

After a few more maneuvers, Bruce realized that the plane was trapped in the middle of a huge ring of strange clouds, at least 50 km in diameter, and there was no way to get over or under it. Minutes later, Bruce observed a “U” opening in the cloud. He had to get out of that trap as quickly as possible, and the opening gave him this opportunity.

Approaching the opening he realized that it was a perfectly horizontal tunnel, just over a kilometer long, and that he could see the blue sky on the other side. Bruce decided to head towards him, while remaining surprised by the strange density of the air and the cottony appearance of these clouds, he began to accelerate towards the exit.

According to Bruce himself: “The hole was initially large but gradually shrank, and when I entered the tunnel, something strange happened, it was like looking down the barrel of a rifle. I started turning slowly to the left and felt intense electricity. Inside there were flashes and all I could see was a gray fog, I call it the electronic fog,” describing those strange flashes that surrounded the plane.

When Bruce Gernon finally got out of the tunnel, he contacted the Miami ATC, but they couldn’t see his plane on the radar screen. After a few minutes, the online radio operator told them, with a voice full of fear and amazement, that they were flying over Miami; this news surprised everyone, since only 33 minutes had passed since the flight, a very fast journey, impossible to make with this plane.

After the news spread to the press and radio, Bruce Gernon became known worldwide, began to appear in multiple documentaries and published a book with the theory of electronic fog. There are many theories about what happens in the Bermuda Triangle to explain the mysterious disappearances of planes, but Bruce’s case is exceptional, since he has returned to tell the tale, and he flew over a great distance in record time.

Traveling back in time

It is surprising 40 years after the event, when wormhole and time travel theories are present in astronomy and science research. Taking into account the story, everything that has been discovered so far regarding the possibility of the existence of portals capable of transporting matter in time and space coincides from the beginning.

This case also reminds us of that theory that it “doubles” space to travel to a faraway point in time, and may be the answer to the disappearances of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle; perhaps these crewmen went through unknown tunnels that transported them to another dimension, to another place in time.

And even though Bruce Gernon‘s story was a worldwide trend at the time, many people later dared to tell similar experiences, leaving doubts, since there is no physical evidence of what happened, however, this testimony completely breaks with the typical myths, since there was a distortion in real time, and there was also a temporary disappearance of the radar, which caused the control tower to lose track of the plane.

In addition to this, Bruce made sure to check how much fuel he had left in the tank of his plane, and the remaining amount was the equivalent of much less than the distance covered, this reinforces the theory of electronic fog, which counts the effects of magnetism on material, and which can produce drastic changes in the line of time, creating wormholes.

Some conspiracy buffs think that it may be the aftermath left after the war, remembering military projects like the Philadelphia experiment, to appear troops teleported from elsewhere, however, most think that this is one of many cases that demonstrates the abnormal energy of the Bermuda Triangle, something strange happens there, and we may not know it for a while, but it may be a doorway to other universes and unknown dimensions.

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