This Man Opens INTERDIMENSIONAL Portal Via Audio Frequency

This is just something you have GOT to see. This video shows a man who utilizes his knowledge of energetic frequencies – specifically, that of 528hz – to open up a dimensional portal that leads to Sedona, Arizona.
By utilizing a tone generator, he was able to project a frequency of 528hz, a very powerful frequency in the Universe. What happens next is unexplainable.

Using a portable speaker, he projects the frequency through the speaker, and the frequency creates an EXTREMELY unexplainable vision and portal as if the speaker simply playing that tone was able to open up a DIMENSIONAL OR INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTAL!

The study of vibrational energy in sound has been researched for a long time. One example is the work of Dr Robert Monroe, a pioneer of the science of “binaural beats.” It is believed and proven that all energetic beings emanate vibrational frequencies, which can be compared to sound “waves.” The infamous Dr Emoto even proved this when he showed how frozen water absorbed “positive” energy versus how it absorbed “negative” energy, displayed in the shapes the ice took when spoken to differently.

Is it possible this video is a hoax?

Or is there something more to the truth it unveils about frequencies in sound and energy?

To decide for yourself, click the link below!

Youtube mavi 777

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