Experienced pilot reports a UFO during his flight

Blenus Green has described his experience seeing a UFO last month over Arizona.

A strange episode was recently starred by an experienced pilot with more than 20 years of experience. Blenus Green, a Learjet pilot who had a long career in handling bombers before moving to commercial aviation, reported to Downtown Albuquerque Air Traffic Control that he saw something bright and unexplained about him, at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet.

The strange sighting was also reported by a couple of people who were on the Sonoran Desert. The call said he was flying several thousand feet above the plane he was flying and going in the opposite direction; someone asked the pilot if it was a weather balloon and he replied that he did not see it as likely.

Blenus assured that this strange object in the sky was very bright and had strange edges. It was so bright that you couldn’t see the shape it had, although I was sure it wasn’t a plane or anything, because I couldn’t see wings or propellers.

Katie Cody, a spokeswoman for American Airlines, said she could not add any more details about the incident. However, Bob Tracey, vice president of Atlanta-based Phoenix Air Group, Inc., said he had received a full report from Learjet’s pilot and was very confused, wondering what the object was that had appeared in the Arizona sky.

Phoenix Air uses Learjets for a variety of contract jobs, such as air ambulances for the Army’s Air Mobility Command, with leading professionals trained to identify foreign, but not unknown, objects. The pilot Blenus Green has been flying for more than 15 years and is an experienced captain with more than 14,000 flight hours.

The strangest thing about the case was that there was a very strong light on the object, but it did not affect the visibility on the windshield. It seemed to come from a source that flew at high speed and higher altitude. Reports estimated that the strange object could have been flying at nearly 50,000 feet high.

Knowing that other planes would probably be flying in the area soon, pilots contacted the Albuquerque Center to alert air traffic controllers. The pilot was worried that “someone was going to hit this thing”. They immediately received the report that other air traffic controllers had spotted the UFO; no one could determine what it was.

Some people said it was probably a weather balloon, but this assumption makes no sense when we remember that the report comes from a very experienced pilot, who has enough flight hours to identify such a common object. If he was so surprised, it was because something caught his attention and forced him to report it to the air traffic controllers.

Sightings in Arizona are very common, and annually several air traffic controllers receive confusing calls about UFOs flying through the sky at high speed, over commercial planes, confusing pilots and alerting everyone not to cause a collision with these shiny, unknown objects.

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