New York Times Reveals Important Evidence of Alien Life Flying Over U.S. Sky

A fighter plane caught the moment when a pilot meets a UFO
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So far it was only speculation, theories and conspiracies, even though there were hundreds of photographs and videos of unidentified flying objects speeding across the skies of different countries on all continents, but a U.S. military pilot revealed details of his encounter with one of these foreign objects in mid-flight, according to official New York Times information.

The man was a former U.S. airman, who claims he never saw anything like it in his 18 years of service, after the Pentagon released videos featuring devices of unknown origin, the air force specialist has revealed details of one such encounter with a UFO, going over the censorship and silence that has been maintained for years by official media and news agency authorities.

David Fravor has told CNN news that he saw this mysterious flying object very close to him during a flight scheduled for November 14, 2004, while training over the Pacific coast, about 160 kilometers from San Diego, California, that day an unidentified senior officer ordered him to keep a close eye on unidentified flying objects.

According to his account, the description of these mysterious aircraft indicated that they could change the altitude drastically, and disappear from the radars without any latent trace, when they reached the space where the strange flying invader had been sighted, David could observe from the cabin of his F18, an oval flying object of similar size to his fighter plane, which lacked wings and was suspended above water.

The pilot notified everything by radio, remained very surprised and decided to approach, but when he did, the UFO rose incredibly quickly and vanished, without creating turbulence or altering the atmospheric conditions of the site, did not leave a trace of its position on the radars, believes it was not of this world, and claims that it was a vehicle used by aliens.

David said he wasn’t crazy, he’s been living and seeing almost everything that can be seen in the aviation world, but nothing like what made him feel confused while flying his fighter plane. After that, the U.S. Department of Defense analyzed the meeting but found no logical explanation for what it was about.

What kind of object it was and what it was doing there is still a mystery, and it is very disconcerting that it has been so long before this event was reported, someone should have investigated it because it is a great frustration that it comes to light now.

Beyond enlisting for the next war, or developing a large arsenal that includes nuclear weapons, the Pentagon has also investigated the possible existence of aliens life, and is taking seriously the investigation of these phenomena observed in the skies of several countries.

The American media New York Times also reported on the completely classified project, which began to develop in the secret military installations of the U.S. government, due to the strong interest in the subject on the part of authorities of the secret service and the White House.

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