Shapeshifting Neon Angel Like UFO Spotted | ISS Live Feed Before Being Cut Off

The trouble with so many UFO sightings and footage are that they all look like something a human would make. We’ve gone and anthropomorphized a species without knowing for sure if they’re even there. It’s like stuffing a bulldog in an embarrassing Christmas sweater, but on a cosmic scale. Dogs don’t need sweaters, and aliens don’t watch sci-fi movies. If we ever get concrete, accepted, no-fooling’ proof of alien life and the ships they bop around the universe in, it’s going to be weird. Really weird.

Case in point: this video (linked to the stabilized GIF version in consideration for the reader’s tolerance for frustration). That’s the real good, really weird stuff. Neon colored, oscillating space-spider strangeness.

The was allegedly taken on Thanksgiving morning, around 3-4 am, and posted to Reddit by user u/Need2believe. He says he was streaming the International Space Station feed on his TV, which is exactly what someone who goes by Need2believe would be doing at 3 am on Thanksgiving. Here’s what the poster said about it in the Reddit thread:

I wish I could give y’all more info on this thing, lol. It’s definitely weird. I tuned into the ISS live stream and the object slowly moved into view after about 10 minutes, so I grabbed my phone and recorded. The starfish thing hung around for maybe 10 minutes, the whole time flashes off white light would blink at random all over, possibly stars but the lights never flashed in the same spot. The starfish eventually rotated I’d say 180° then headed left and away from the ISS. I also snapped pics of a white orb that seemed to have a long tail thing that was dipping into the top of Earths atmosphere then retracting away. Also snapped these very faint green shapes that were barely visible above the Earth, they were just barely in viewing range. All this happened for about 30 minutes before the live feed was cut. The screen showed the same image it normally does after signal loss for maybe 2 minutes then cut to a solid gray screen. The live feed came back around 30 hours. If anyone wants to see the other stuff just let me know Y’all. Has anyone else ever seen one that is similar to this starfish UFO?

To which another predictably sarcastic user replied: “he will definitely get back to you.” It’s fair. In cases like this, the witness of the alleged UFO usually never produces the other pictures. Amazingly, u/Need2believe did produce the other pictures (you can see them here: 1, 2, and 3.) They’re not great, but what do you expect? He opened with the cool stuff.

YouTube Drez Vidz

Many users seemed incredulous that the video was filmed on a cell phone, in portrait mode no less, but not everyone can immediately engage video recording software on their computer at a moment’s notice. It would certainly be nice if it wasn’t a cell phone recording of a screen, but you have to work with the tools at your disposal.

As to the ISS video feed being cut: other users pointed out that the ISS does periodically switch between its four cameras, so there isn’t anything inherently nefarious about that. The timing’s a little funny, but it’s impossible to say for certain that it was intentional.

Whether the video is fake or not is hard to say. Not being an expert on video production, I can’t make an educated judgment. It could obviously be another piece of footage overlaid on top of empty space, but it seems like anyone with the capability to do that wouldn’t have used a cell phone to record the video.

Without proof of its veracity, it’s once again impossible to say if this is real or not. It’s cool and it’s creepy, that’s for certain. Even if it’s fake, it’s still a lot better than another drone flying over someone’s yard.

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