Skinwalker Ranch: the creepiest place in the world

While the researchers think it is an irregularly energetic place, the descendants of indigenous people believe the area is cursed.

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Among the thousands of mysterious and legendary places, there are some that arouse more interest than others, perhaps because the amount of testimony and the influence of the media is part of the credibility of the paranormal world, but when the authorities get involved in a case without logical explanation, things start to get much more serious and everyone goes crazy. This is the case of Skinwalker Ranch, a place that earned a place of honour among the scary places.

It is clear that this is a non-scientific issue, one that raises controversy, criticism and a great deal of curiosity. To begin with, the location of this mysterious ranch has been lost among the rumours and silence of the locals, the exact coordinates of the ranch are not public, and it is only known to be in Utah, right between the cities of Roosevelt and Vernal. With this, we want to avoid the entry of curious or followers of the New Age movement.

This place is so famous that films such as “Skinwalker Ranch” produced in 2013 have been made, and endless research is done every year. The reason is that it seems absurd to science, but in this piece of land, with just 2 square kilometres, all kinds of paranormal phenomena, ghostly apparitions, UFOs, mysterious attacks on livestock, alterations in time, marks on the ground, crop circles, orbs and so on occur.

It has an infinite mixture of paranormal energy, and has been labeled by many researchers as “The World’s Most Terrifying Place”, where even the specialists in the field have encountered very strange situations, which would make anyone crazy, and it is proven that nearby residents are afraid, and do not talk too much about the events of Skinwalker Ranch not to fall under its “curse”.

To begin with, the name of this ranch, “Skinwalker”, comes from a dangerous, magical and diabolical being that is among the legends told by the natives. According to UTE mythology, this was a cursed, dangerous place that was better to avoid or avoid. These lands were inhabited by the Skinwalkers, a type of witch who could change their form at will and were in charge of frightening the tribes.

For the Indians, it was a dangerous area from the beginning, but when the settlers arrived, free of superstition, they did not hesitate to build a ranch here. However, over time, he was always abandoned by the many scares and paranormal events he had to deal with.

The horror is at home

Testimonies about this place have always existed; however, it was throughout the 90’s that Skinwalker Ranch gained notoriety. At this time when it was acquired by the Sherman family, and wanting to put aside the stories and legends that were contained here, these people decided to start a quiet life, to give a future to their children and build a home.

But they didn’t succeed; on the contrary, having peace of mind at Skinwalker Ranch was impossible. The things that frightened the family in the middle of the night did not only affect the house itself, but also the land and even the animals. It was as if the whole atmosphere was contained in an invisible energy, where every so often, mystery and horror happened.

The first thing that disturbed the Sherman family was the fact that the whole ranch was full of locks and bolts. Doors and windows presented countless security measures, many traps and ways of closing the entrances as if they had to protect themselves from an external enemy. They thought it was a security paranoia that the previous owners had, but they soon understood the reason, and “things” also happened inside.

The family had not served long since they moved to the ranch when horrible things began to happen, the cattle appeared lifeless at dawn, dismembered, almost bloodless and with the soft parts torn out, it was as if a giant animal with large fangs had wildly consumed their internal organs.

The family also felt abnormal presence in the house, objects moved, cold winds, steps, whistles, many times witnessed the Poltergeist phenomenon, woke up in the middle of the night with the kitchen utensils falling down without explanation, and the furniture in the living room moving, as if they were being carried away by someone invisible.

There were days when they saw strange vehicles passing near the ranch, propelled by strange, wheel-less, small-sized forces. (The Sherman family described it as a sliding fridge). Something certainly comical to the naked eye, but for the members of this family it was scary, and even though today, anyone can believe that these were drones, we must remember that when the family lived on the ranch there was no such technology yet.

The surroundings of the ranch gave off a very intense smell of sulfur, and they also said that their throats dried up suddenly, without explanation, and they felt that someone was watching them at all times, they heard ghostly voices, they saw shadows and even felt a couple of times that some invisible force was pushing them.

For a while, the Sherman family had contact with a large “abnormally” wolf. According to them, he was as big as a lion, and the strangest thing of all is that they could caress him. They thought it was a very particular breed of animal from Utah, but the problem came when they realized that the animal was attacking their calves. And although they tried to shoot him with a hunting shotgun on several occasions, the bullets did not affect him.

Skinwalker Ranch also produced a great deal of abnormal activity in the sky, UFO sightings, flashes of light, orbs crossing the sky at high speed, explosions from the clouds and many other rare phenomena.

The limit of the Sherman family family

What was happening there was so intense that the family got tired, decided to sell the ranch and go away, the private institute NIDS (National Institute for the Science of Discovery) decided to buy the ranch for $200,000. In this way, they would have the opportunity to delve into these events.

The NIDS Institute published more than one paper on the subject; however, nothing has ever been clarified. One of the most accepted explanations is that the ranch would actually be a U.S. military test site, although the information was not precise and did not provide a detailed explanation of each of the phenomena that occurred there. For this reason, not everyone was satisfied and they claim that there is a conspiracy.

Since 2006, nothing unique has happened. According to the institute itself, the difficulty of obtaining data lies in the fact that the phenomena were commonplace. To get more data, someone has to stay and live there continuously, as the Sherman family did.

To this day, there is no clear conclusion about the strange Skinwalker Ranch. Speculations continue to fill articles, television programs and movies. However, many followers of the issue are still waiting for the coordinates to be published so that they can go and see for themselves what is happening there, they do not trust the official reports of the institute, and they think they are hiding something from the government.


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