Something strange flies over the moon and is caught on camera

Mysterious flying spheres were videotaped approaching the moon with great speed.

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Much is told about our lunar satellite, mysteries and legends make its figure invite researchers and writers to debate its possible relationship with alien life some believe that the moon was created by a highly developed civilization; others think it is a space of space communications totally hollow inside, keeping extraterrestrial bases inside.

From myths and legends to videos and photos with strange finds on the surface of the moon, all these kinds of stories came up as certain statements from retired astronauts and specialists who worked on important NASA space missions have left public testimony about the possibility of alien life.

There are certain lunar recordings that do not leave anyone indifferent, it is very clear that the activity on the satellite is not entirely normal, and although the official statements of the space agencies have not shown any event related to alien life, some think that they hide the truth.

An astronomer was seeing at the exact moment something quite strange about the moon, with the main characteristic of an amateur who has much of his time in the study and observation of space, was quiet and wing expectation watching the night through the lens, began to record a video and had the opportunity to capture something extremely strange.

He was observing a crescent moon with its craters clearly visible, he was impressed by the clarity of the sky at that time of night, and the sharpness of the image, but in a matter of seconds he would register a fleeting sighting of three dark, spherical, flying objects, passing at great speed over the lunar surface.

This video may give little evidence to the theory that the moon hides an extraterrestrial base inside it, and that aliens use a method of transport powered by dark matter or magnetism, capable of reaching high speeds in a short time, opinions are totally divided, some mentioning that they could be meteors, space debris or simply three balloons.

However, believers in extraterrestrial theory are in the majority, and claim that this is undoubtedly further proof of the existence of a secret base on our planet’s natural satellite, given the speed, timing and joint position of the three spheres; it is much more likely that they are spacecraft.

If they were objects coming from the Earth, with enough closeness to be captured by the lens, they would be much more out of focus and with trajectory affected by gravity, in the image you can clearly see a round shape that moves quickly, and is in a distant plane, with giant dimensions in case of being so close to the moon.

Meanwhile, the authorities are silent about the sighting, and the mystery continues on the net, although the evidence is becoming clearer every day that we are not the only ones in the universe, and that there is something else out there, waiting for the truth to come out.

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