Strange lights in the sky surprise Fox News reporters during live newscast

The reactions on the Internet were not long in coming
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Television cameras have witnessed the greatest events of the last century; especially the news broadcasts from the scene, bringing direct information to viewers (even though the media are controlled by the power elites) yet some things are inevitable, such as being surprised by strange lights flying over the sky live.

This was the case during a predawn Fox News broadcast, viewers, as well as presenters, watched and commented in surprise about what was being seen in the Milwaukee sky through television cameras. Strange ghostly lights captured from one of the outer chambers of the transmission tower moved without any apparent pattern.

In addition, the flying lights left a slight shimmering wake that disappeared almost instantly, the journalists wondered if they were fireworks or UFOs, and were not surprised until later when a journalist near the site reported that they were gulls flying over the sunrise.

However, this empty explanation caused many people to immediately think that something was hidden, with an air of conspiracy, it was very evident that the images showed something totally different, the particular glow of some of these lights and their strange wake across the sky.

Immediately on the internet people began to report that these lights were also visible from other parts of the city and that they could not be seagulls, as the brightness was strange, and it made no sense that they were birds flying in the middle of the night.

But that wasn’t the only time that strange lights in the sky interrupted live TV broadcasts, previously there have been different UFOs seen in the middle of the sky that has surprised journalists and reporters, sometimes without any explanation to offer, and although the news almost always finds an explanation to everything to calm the public, nothing can lie to the hundreds of viewers who watch everything from their balconies.

Television cameras are a great tool for capturing and showing the truth, but the problem is that they are under the power of the media, the same ones that have made us sick and subject people daily to strict mind control, and social order that tells them what to do and what to say, how to react, what to believe and where.

Fortunately, other spaces such as the Internet open the door for the most visionary, and allow people to speak beyond the truth, there may come a time when television is completely displaced and control is regained by society, while these strange lights sighted around the world watch us, and prepare to officially communicate with us…


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