Strange UFO? Odd Looking ‘Dark UFO’ Seen During The Day

The eyewitness recorded a black rectangular object over the city of Springdale, USA in Ohio State, was given comments by renowned ufologist Scott Warring on his official website. According to an eyewitness, he was driving along the road to Springdale when he noticed a black UFO. The unidentified object was larger than the car, the rectangular alien ship was moving very slowly as if it was scanning something below.

The second unidentified object flew over Texas, an unidentified round-shaped object was captured, which slowly moved at an altitude of about 600 meters, the locals immediately dubbed the object “White sphere”, rumor has it that this UFO is flying here not the first time. Even skeptics agreed that nature would not have been able to create a perfectly smooth spherical cloud and so dense.

A strange sea creature was found at the bottom of the Indian Ocean – the alleged, animal, from the class of ascidians whose body length can reach 6 inches, but this creature is completely different in structure of hairs so that according to the researchers we can talk about the previously unknown science form.

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