Strong evidence about orbs creating crop circles and their appearances around the world

There is an interesting debate about the meaning and fabrication of these geometric forms charged with energy and mystery.

The speculations that revolve around the subject matter of this video, give very interesting perspectives about our existence in the universe, crossing statements of skeptics who claim to have seen military planes, jokers and artists making circles and geometric shapes, in fields around the world, to solid evidence of orbs flying over rural spaces in which later these crops circles appear.

Today we bring you a video filmed in 2010, reported on July 27 of that year, by a woman resident of Windmill Hill, Nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, England. We can see how during the night, in the darkness of the countryside and without visible stars, a light appears in the sky and does not move or emit noise, posing on a large area of crops.

Suddenly, two new orbs are added to the first one, the woman cannot believe what she sees, they start to move harmoniously, one of them rotates on the other ones, working as a compass that draws on paper and revolves around a fixed axis, she also assured that surely at dawn there would be a circle of cultivation in the field.

The lights quickly go out and disappear into the sky without leaving a trace. The next day this woman approaches the place where these orbs were floating, and discovers an impressive, very complex, circular geometric formation that also has precise characteristics of elaboration, and could hardly be made by man in just one night, much less taking into account the darkness of the place.

Exploring a crop circle

As an example of this, crop circles have appeared just across the road from Stonehenge, this event was sighted by two pilots of recognized airlines, and they also claim that they were carried out in a few minutes, making it illogical that humans have intervened in the process.

On the Internet there are videos circulating where you can see how some orbs float on large fields and draw crop circles with great speed, although not everyone thinks they are real, there is not much room for doubt, many of these circles appear close to civilization, but others in the middle of nowhere, far from England, in places like the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Physical and chemical changes

On the other hand, scientific studies carried out in these cultivation circles agree that there are levels of radiation that had not been detected before, and that are only detected inside the formation, they have also proven that there are very powerful physical and chemical changes in the soil, with molecular alterations that cause them to bend straight without breaking.

Highly concentrated components, which are only present in the atmosphere, have been detected in small quantities. This could be the reason why all the stems bend in the same node, taking into account that these plants have six nodes; it is very strange that this pattern is so precise, besides, there are no stems that protrude and damage the circular precision, they are all bent in the same direction.

The discussion about crop circles has attracted different sectors of society, not only scientists are actively involved, some technical drawing specialists even say that these shapes are very difficult to make on paper, even with the right tools it takes a lot of effort and time, so making it as big as a wheat field, is simply something out of reach for man.

In this circle of cultivation there are different paths through which the woman walks, observing a pattern of rings connected by lines drawn to perfection, also can see how underneath the top layer, there is a much more precise and straight alignment that connects all the circles inside.

The woman also records how these circles have small clusters of crops around them, with firm ties in the middle facing the sky, and enclosing a much larger circle in the middle, equally held by a knot in the middle of the shape. It is very striking as all the stems of the formation look dehydrated but are not broken, have been bent as if they had greater than normal flexibility, and also allows them to bind in circles and tie firmly the figures inside, without breaking.

The head of the stems points in a clockwise direction, and they go in the same direction in all circles, have also been bent apparently at the same height, and have determined a great circular mathematical pattern, difficult to be realized by man, this is where the skeptics begin to doubt their theories and conspiracies to give way to a very interesting discussion.

What is the meaning of the circles, who try to communicate with us in this way and why do they do it, how can we interpret these signals and use them for our human development, what kind of superior technology allows us to create these geometric formations and how is it possible for them to appear so quickly in so many parts of the world?

These questions are some of the ones that have been asked by scientists when studying the crop circle that appears in the video and in many other places of the country, the figures usually appear in fields planted with barley or wheat, although they were also found in corn, cane and grass crops, so it has been concluded that any soft organic surface serves as a canvas for the creators of these crop circles.

Connection with other mysterious places

Importantly, many of these crop circles have appeared in the Wiltshire region of England, where the famous Stonehenge monuments are located, so there is likely to be a direct connection between these magical stone figures and the circles.

As time passes and technology opens doors for the interpretation of our universe, we will be able to better understand these mysterious messages in the form of a circle, perhaps it is a warning about nuclear energy and its damage to the human race, a complex mathematical algorithm, astral locations, keys to higher entities or simple attempts at rapprochement between species, for now there remains nothing but mystery.

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