The secrets about UFOs kept by Bigelow Aerospace and U.S. government

The relationship between this mysterious company and high-ranking military officers shows that the elite are withholding information about UFOs from us

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There are more and more testimonies from important authorities claiming to know the truth about UFOs, pilots like David Fravor, confess to having seen them with their own eyes, days after the US government acknowledged that it has a program to study the extraterrestrial presence and supposedly shut it down due to lack of budget, the suspicions that the information remains hidden continue to grow.

Military Intelligence Officer Luis Elizondo also spoke, supporting the theory that UFOs exist in front of important media outlets. Elizondo ran the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a U.S. initiative for UFO research, in 2007, but resigned from his post on October 4 for lack of support.

He is now dedicated to recounting everything he saw while working for the government. It also warns nations to “be aware” of the potential threat posed by UFOs. He assures that there is a great deal of information that has been analyzed by security departments, and the existence of extraterrestrial life is confirmed, although it is not officially accepted by the authorities, and the studies are kept classified.

Among the statements, he highlighted a very important aspect, indicating that the sightings that have been reported are sometimes concentrated around nuclear facilities and power plants, which were discovered during the investigations, although he did not mention in detail where they are to be a safety protocol.

He also says the security department began to see trends and similarities in the incidents. There were very clear common patterns. Extreme maneuverability, speeds of 11,300 km/h to 12,900 km/h and similar appearances. Many of these things are backed up with radar data and images from aircraft weapons cameras and by multiple witnesses.

Elizondo resigned from his position at the U.S. Department of Defense headquarters, who recently acknowledged that there is a program dedicated to investigating unidentified flying objects, although it was supposedly canceled in 2012, but had a budget of up to $22 million annually. Other sources assure that these sightings continue to be investigated today by Department of Defense officials.

Bigelow Aerospace in the Spotlight

An important aspect that cannot be ignored about research is the budget and its origin. According to several sources, it has been the company Bigelow Aerospace, whose CEO is the multimillionaire Robert Bigelow, who has financed the program, because there are contracts signed with that company, which in turn has subcontracted other experts to conduct research.

There is evidence that the Bigelow Aerospace company keeps its hangars safe with secret service agents and other military components, which means that they have in their possession important technological pieces or classified material, and if we take into account that it is the company that is the source of UFO research funding, it makes a lot of sense that they are hiding information and extraterrestrial vehicles may be stored in their facilities.

Among the cases studied, the one of an oval object the size of a common plane, which was sighted by two military aircraft in 2004 near the coast of the city of San Diego, California, stands out, one of them was being piloted by David Fravor. The Department of Defense released the UFO recording in August 2016 without further explanation.

The image corresponds to 14 November 2004. Fravor saw something and told the authorities about it, and after thirteen years he decided to tell the whole world about it. The pilot claims that he was not from this world, and he also claimed that he is convinced that extraterrestrial life exists, and he is watching us with technology far superior to what humans have, his ships are capable of maneuvering at high speed in an incredible way.

Officers who have preferred to remain anonymous have published documents on the extraterrestrial investigation, and claim that if the UFOs wanted to attack us, we would already be colonized, yet they have been able to observe a pattern of observation, which is based on the study of our fuels, farmland and common way of life. With the technology these aliens have, it would be very easy to win us over in a war.

The fact is that the mysterious research department that was funded by Bigelow Aerospace has continued to receive information despite being “canceled”. Elizondo claims that when he resigned, his position was immediately filled by someone else, and this happens every time someone leaves the department, but the investigation does not stop, the UFOs are a reality.


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