10 Amazing Facts About the Movie Highlander

This 1986 movie is about mortals living scattered throughout the Earth, while immortals also roam the planet. An interesting collection of past storylines and present-day settings, Connor MacLeod learns that he is immortal back in the 1500’s. And as one of the last ones left, the villain of the movie will stop at nothing to kill him, so he can claim the final reward.

 10.) Actor Clancy Brown played “The Kurgan,” who is Connor’s archenemy. Apparently, he played the part so well that many of the other actors working on the movie refused to go near him during filming!

9.) The Director of the movie, Russell Mulcahy, apparently was appalled by the movie poster for the film. He felt that the black and white image of Christopher Lambert’s face (who played MacLeod) that were used in the United States were the cause of poor reception from the country.

8.) Sean Connery played the character of Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, another immortal from Egypt. He is MacLeod’s mentor in the movie, and every scene you see him in… were filmed in only a week!

7.) The legendary rock group Queen provided music for this film, and it was epic. Originally, they were set to produce one song for the movie – but after viewing footage of the film, they were happy to provide many more.

6.) We first meet the main character Connor MacLeod at a wrestling match, which is bizarre for this type of movie. As he is trying to vibe with the mood of the match, we begin to see his flashbacks of an obviously much earlier period, during medieval times. However, we now know that the movie was meant to start at a hockey game, but logistics got in the way as the NHL refused to let them film in the rink.

5.) There are lost and deleted scenes from nearly every movie. But in regard to Highlander, they, unfortunately, will never be seen by anyone; there was a warehouse fire, and all of them were destroyed.

4.) Connor MacLeod had many actors being considered if Christopher Lambert declined the role. They include Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Patrick Swayze, Sting, and Michael Douglas.

3.) There was no original intention to make a franchise of the film – it was only meant to be one movie.

2.) During the introductory narration by Sean Connery, there is a definite echo heard in his voice. But there were no effects added – he just simply recorded it in a toilet, causing that echo effect!

1.) Christopher Lambert is French but had to play a man from Scotland. This caused his accent to sound strange, given that English was not even his first language. However, the accent is meant to sound undecipherable in the movie, as he has lived through so many centuries and cultures as Connor MacLeod.

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