10 Facts You Never Knew About LABYRINTH

The 1986 fantasy movie that starred the legendary David Bowie, Labyrinth was about a young teenage girl (played by Jennifer Connelly) who has to rescue her baby brother. Her brother was taken by the Goblin King (David Bowie)  after she wished him away. The story continues through many mythical twists and turns, as she has 13 hours to make her way through a labyrinth before her brother is turned into a goblin forever!

This movie has since developed a sort of cult following in recent times, and is even more popular than it was upon its release. You should check it out, and also check out these amazing facts about the movie.

 10.) There were some legal issues regarding the film, including an author who claims the storyline copied one of his books called Outside Over There. This well-known author is Maurice Sendak, who also wrote Where the Wild Things Are.

9.) Did you know there is actually a sequel to Labyrinth? There is, but after David Bowie’s death, it was turned into a series of graphic novels called Return to Labyrinth instead.

8.) Jareth the Goblin King, (played by David Bowie), was originally intended to be a puppet in the movie, just as the rest of the goblins were.

7.) Brian Henson was the voice of the character “Hoggle” in the movie.

6.) Did you notice that Jareth’s (or David Bowie’s), face is subliminally hidden in multiple scenes throughout the movie, including in Sarah’s room and throughout the labyrinth walls, to name a few?

5.) Marvel Comics actually created a 3-part Labyrinth comic book series, albeit there were a few differences from the movie.

4.) There were nearly 10 other actresses considered to play “Sarah” instead of Jennifer Connelly including Sarah Jessica Parker, Yasmine Bleeth, Marisa Tomei, and even Jane Krakowski!

3.) The lyrics to The Magic Dance were actually inspired by a 1947 Cary Grant and Shirley Temple movie called “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer.” (You remind me of the babe!)

2.) There was one musical number that was cut from the film, which was set to be Sarah singing to her captured baby brother.

1.) There were other actors considered to play “Jareth” instead of David Bowie. The first choice was actually Michael Jackson, but once he turned down the role other considerations were Sting and Mick Jagger. Luckily, once David Bowie landed the role, he embraced it and created a little bit of masterpiece.

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