Beetlejuice is the infamous character from the afterlife featured in one very classic film – a movie full of quirky characters, and tons of paranormal and supernatural concepts. But there are quite a few facts about this film that most people are not aware of, and it makes the movie that much more fascinating!

10.) The semi-disgusting yet addictively charismatic movie Beetlejuice was actually intended to be a full-on HORROR movie. That is until Tim Burton threw in his incredible influence!

9.) The character Beetlejuice is named after one of the brightest stars in the constellation of Orion, however, most people are unaware there many alternative titles for the movie before it was released. Some of these alternative titles include: “House Ghost” and “Scared Sheetless.”

8.) The character of Delia Deetz was played by Catherine O’Hara but was originally set aside for Anjelica Huston. Unfortunately, though, she became ill and had to give up her role in the movie.

7.) The reason for the Calypso soundtrack on the movie was thanks to Tim Burton. He felt that it would make the movie a little lighter and more fun and playful. What a great choice, because it helped to make the movie that much more epic.

6.) Michael Keaton made this role infamous because he nailed it. However, the first person Tim Burton thought and desired for the role was Sammy Davis Jr.!

5.) Speaking of Michael Keaton nailing this role, the only reason that he took the role on was that he admired Tim Burton’s uniqueness. Luckily for Tim Burton, when Michael Keaton was given the responsibility of creating the look for Beetlejuice, and he nailed that as well!

4.) Test audiences were used before the movie was released, and one thing was clear – they all wanted a happier ending than the original one of him being left to his doom with the sandworms. Thus, the shrinking head scene was created, leading us to feel like he was fine with his destiny.

3.) Did you know there was an animated series of Beetlejuice after the movie? Some of us may remember the merchandise or the Nintendo game. But if you didn’t know, now you know, there was a Beetlejuice series that lasted 2 seasons, and it was pretty phenomenal!

2.) There were multiple deleted and alternate scenes from the movie that were not featured in the end. Some of the most interesting set of deleted scenes revolve around the alternate dimension that lives outside of the home – such as one where you can actually see this alternate dimension when they are hanging out of the window by their hands.

1.) Did you know that Beetlejuice was only in his own movie for a total of 17 minutes?! Obviously, Michael Keaton made a strong enough effect to make the character infamous… but in reality, he had such a small amount of screen time!

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