10 Things You Didn’t Know About THE FIFTH ELEMENT

The 1997 French action-based science fiction movie “The Fifth Element” is about the survival of planet Earth, a responsibility that Bruce Willis’ and Milla Jovovich undertake. They must uncover four mystical stones, (each containing energies of the four elements: air, earth, water, and fire), to help defend the Earth against an impending attack. Jovovich’s character (Leeloo) is a humanoid containing the fifth element necessary to defend the world, so she teams up with Willis’ character (Korben) to find the other 4 stones.

Though it is both well-received and confusingly misunderstood by critics, it was extremely successful. Here are 10 facts you probably never knew about the movie, “The Fifth Element.”

 10.) Literally, thousands of women auditioned to play the part of Leeloo Minai, but luckily for Milla Jovovich she won the role, due to the fact she looks like she could be from anywhere in the world…or even outer space!

9.) Chris Tucker made the character Ruby Rhod memorable, but the director’s original vision was to have Prince play the part. However, Prince declined because the costume design for Ruby was “too feminine.”

8.) There is an unidentifiable language that Leeloo speaks in the film, and the most interesting fact about this language is that it was completely made up by Director Luc Besson and Milla Jovovich herself!

7.)  The opera song sang on the intergalactic cruise ship by the Blue Diva was actually played by Director Luc Besson’s then-wife, who only filled the shoes of the part because the original actress dropped out. When she appeared on stage, it was the first time her costars saw her in costume!

6.) The musical score of the movie includes pieces of music from another movie he composed for: “Goldeneye.”

5.) The movie was supposed to be a trilogy, and originally branded itself as the “Star Wars for the 90’s.”

4.) Gary Oldman was the actor who played the main villain in the movie – but he only starred in the movie as a favour to Luc Besson because Besson helped him to finance his movie, “Nil By Mouth.”

3.) Typically in most action movies, there is a showdown between the hero and the villain, however, Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman never even share a scene together!

2.) Luc Besson always had the intention to cast Bruce Willis as the main character, however, if there was a second choice since production took so long, it would have been Mel Gibson.

1.) Luc Besson actually started writing this movie when he was just a teenager, at 16 years old in rural France. The movie did not end up being released for another 22 years when he was 38 years old.

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