10000 years in the future summed up in 10 minutes

Travel 10000 in the future and discover the possible destinies of humanity

Everyone has access to information about the past of our existence. This data can be easily located in physical and digital libraries, however, when we talk about the future, the variation in content opens up a huge field of possibilities and theories.

Many scientists have discussed the possible progress of mankind over the next few years; thanks to these studies we can determine progress not only for immediate times but also for the very distant future, specifically 10,000 years. It is certainly a huge leap in time for our generation, but for the age of the universe, it is tiny.

Let’s start by mentioning the near future, in 2019 new countries will appear in the world, The island of Bougainville located in the Pacific Ocean is officially an autonomous region of Papua New Guinea, however, it can gain independence, if a large part of its population votes for this change and New Caledonia, which is now part of France can also become a separate country.

In 2020 the construction of the tallest building on the planet will be completed, displacing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, this record will be broken in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Tower is planned to be completed, the first to exceed the one-kilometre mark. That same year, the private space tourism company Bigelow Aerospace will launch a spacecraft into orbit that could become a hotel.

In 2024, SpaceX will send a rocket to Mars with different charges, and a couple of decades later, the first humans could set foot on the Red Planet. According to UN experts, one year later the world’s population will grow to 8 billion people. In 2026 the construction of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona that began in 1886 could finally be completed.

In 2028 Venice will be uninhabited; living there will be impossible due to a significant increase in water levels. In 2029 the asteroid Apophis will approach the earth at 23,859 miles, which may lead to the collision of this great stone with our planet, possibly extinguishing our species as it did with the dinosaurs.

As we said before, probably the most suitable planet to make life after Earth is Mars, in 2033 not only will a charge be sent to this planet, but also a manned mission, called Aurora. Researchers want to make sure that the planet is fit for human life.

Probes will be sent into space to study the Alpha Centauri star system, with a powerful starburst, the project aims to send a whole fleet of spacecraft to the nearest star, the spacecraft will be equipped with solar energy, will fly for at least 20 years, but another 5 will be needed to receive a message back to Earth.

In 2040, an experimental thermonuclear reactor will start working in France, where a large amount of energy will be available; the advantage of this reactor is its safety because even in the event of an accident, the number of emissions will be so small that there will be no need for an evacuation.

Today, Antarctica is a completely unexplored and protected place, but under the Antarctic Treaty system in 2048, no country will be able to own this territory, it will be a non-nuclear zone, and mining will also be strictly prohibited.

By the year 2050 scientists are sure that the colonization of Mars will begin, by then people will be able to fly to the Red Planet, but before that, many problems of interplanetary travel must be solved, there is no confirmation yet as to what kind of technology will enable this mission to be accomplished.

By the year 2100, there is not much good news, scientists say climate change will form a global chaos, average temperatures will start to rise, while disease and the likelihood of war will increase. We can see it even today; some regions of America are increasingly feeling the lack of water, and suffering from droughts, while other regions suffer terrible flooding due to heavy rains.

Every year there are more and more forest fires due to the heat, the temperature in cities like Jerusalem, New York and Los Angeles will be 45 degrees Celsius, and in London or Paris 30 degrees Celsius, it is hard to believe, but surely the Himalayan glaciers in the Everest region will melt.

As long as these events do not bring humanity to an end, by the year 3000 the temperature may rise by 15 degrees Celsius worldwide and the sea level will rise by more than a meter, flooding London, Bangladesh, Florida and many other places that are too low above sea level, hundreds of millions of people will lose their homes.

At the same time, the acidity of the oceans will decrease significantly, creating a threat to the existence of marine organisms such as corals and plankton, endangering the entire marine ecosystem.

Now is the time to talk about the distant future, between the years 4000 and 5000, due to population growth, consumption of goods produced on the planet will also increase, it will be difficult to build factories and plants to feed a colossal population of several tens of billions of people.

There will be thousands of farms in the oceans that will produce food on an incredible scale, not only fish but also seaweed, which will then be used as food. Telepathy will be a common form of communication, perceiving, thinking and transferring ideas remotely.

There will be people with a high level of intelligence thanks to the direct connection of the brain to the computer, technology will be an integral part of people’s lives, modern vision problems, memory and skin aging will simply disappear, in addition to all this, the body’s ability to tolerate disease will increase.

In the year 5000 the nanobots will flow through our circulatory system, repairing the damaged cells. Because of a large number of people living on the planet, humans will be in close contact, there will be a single electronic currency, which can be used anywhere in the world.

By the years 7000 and 8000 our satellite will be several inches away each year until it can no longer finally cause a total solar eclipse. Realistic prostheses will be created; anyone can replace parts of the body, with a new bionic implant. Builders, garbage collectors, climate controllers and almost all tasks will be done by high-end mini robots.

Finally we advance to the years 10,000 and 20,000, nobody can say that it will happen in such a long period of time, however for the futurists, the population of the planets will be robotic and immortal, will live in worlds environmentally clean and without wars, but these are only assumptions, but in the meantime, there is nothing left to live and enjoy the present as if there were no tomorrow.

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