5 Of The Most Terrifying Secret Experiments By Crazy Scientists

Sometimes the results are so disastrous that it becomes impossible to keep the information secret.

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In a world full of technology, where machines make life easier for us, and where communication is global, direct and easy to establish, there is no denying that science has made us evolve as a species, its possibilities are lost sight of when we observe the great number of illnesses and hostile conditions it has managed to heal, it has allowed transport and comfort to make us feel comfortable doing the hardest tasks of the day and much more.

It is thought that by the end of this century, science will be able to completely fuse us to machines and robotic implants will be a reality, other forms of communication such as telepathy are in development, and we are already beginning to see projects that talk about teleportation, however, all these studies are governed by a history of experiences, among which not all have been successful for scientific experiments.

In order to rule out the risks and factors that can create problems when developing a new technology, scientific experiments are carried out, this may sound very simple and common, but things change when we go into military matters, and these experiments protect the interests of the world’s main security agencies.

In the search for knowledge, moral and ethical limits have been surpassed, without taking into account the interests and safety of others, which is why here we mention some of the most terrifying scientific experiments that did not yield the expected results.

The Philadelphia Experiment: It was a secret military action, aimed at developing a strategy of concealment at sea in the face of the enemy, which made it impossible to detect the presence of ships and aircraft carriers by radar, consisted of using electromagnetic fields that generated massive amounts of energy around the ship.

According to the theory, the radar would be unable to detect signals from the covered ship, since the field would absorb them, but in practice, the force released by the generators caused the ship to become blurred in view, the ship was suddenly enveloped in an increasingly dense green mist, until the ship disappeared, and a few minutes later it reappeared in its place, but with a terrifying twist on its return.

After the experiment, part of the crew was left in an episode of permanent insanity, having dizziness and difficulty walking, but the luck of the others was chilling, some had returned with parts of their bodies completely disintegrated, while others disappeared completely, although the worst thing was to find that 5 men appeared completely fused with the structure of the ship, totally welded to the structure.

The Monster Study: During 1939, University of Iowa pathologist Wendell Johnson convinced his student Mary Tudor to conduct research on the origin of stuttering, believing that it was born of anxiety and trust, so he later conducted a rather cruel scientific experiment with a group of 22 orphaned children that he would divide into two parts to evaluate their performance while they spoke.

One group was given positive therapy, praised for their fluency while speaking, but the other group was not as lucky, they were given negative therapy harshly, punished and criticized for any flaws in their speaking skills. The children in the negative group did not become stuttering but suffered severe psychological disorders, which prevented them from communicating throughout their lives. In 2007, following several lawsuits, the University of Iowa paid $925,000 in compensation to victims.

MK Ultra Project: With this scientific experiment, the CIA sought to control the mind of a human being, altering his sensory perception and thus extracting reliable information in future interrogations of enemy spies. The program developed in the 1950s consisted of the provision of drugs and torture, isolation, mistreatment and hypnosis sessions to break the human mind, and to gain absolute control through anxiety.

The main idea was to extract information from pain-resistant Soviet, Chinese and North Korean soldiers, and although most of the records of this monstrous scientific experiment were lost in 1970, the little information available points to sensory deprivation, abuse and physical torture that ended up killing the victims’ consciousness and driving them mad.

Stanford Jail: This infamous scientific experiment has earned its place in history as an example of the unexpected effects that can occur when psychologically playing with human nature. A professor working at Stanford University in the United States was funded in 1971 by the Office of Naval Research. Philip Zimbardo tried to show that guards and prisoners tend to fall into predefined roles.

To this end, he created two groups in the basement of the university and set up posts for the participants, some as guards and the rest as prisoners. Zimbardo was trying to show what happened when a human being was stripped of his dignity, and his life was completely controlled.

The guards began to subject the prisoners to psychological torture and harassment, inhumane conditions and sexual abuse, the situation became delicate very quickly and the study was dismissed after six days, as many guards were exhibiting sadistic tendencies, and the prisoners were being severely emotionally affected.

The woman without fear: What would you say if I told you that there are people who are not afraid of anything in the world? This is exactly the case of a woman, dubbed by the scientific community as SM, who has been tested many times before situations that would make anyone scream.

The reason for this abnormal behavior is a brain injury that affected the functioning of an amygdala and prevents it from interpreting fear, therefore, it cannot understand what situations can put its life and health at risk, is able to face snakes, spiders and even a man armed with a knife pointing directly at his throat.

The rest of the emotions are kept functioning normally, but when faced with chilling situations, such as a horror movie marathon in the middle of the night, haunted houses, and other scary situations, the woman does not react, simply watches what happens without showing any impression, and even has trouble detecting when other people have expressions of fear on their faces.

She was taken by surprise to an exotic animal site, and when she passed near a python snake, contrary to a normal reaction, SM began to pet the animal like a cat, so scientists had to intervene to prevent it from hurting her, it is not yet known with certainty what produces this behavior or how it can originate, but it is believed that it will soon help develop more effective treatments to heal childhood trauma and stress.



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