7 Animals That Give You A Massage Huh?

1. Most women may cringe at the thought of this snake massage.

but believe it or not, many ladies are paying these slimy serpents to unwind and relax.

2. Fish massages are just one of the seemingly strange thing.

This massage is like a pedicure, these Garra rufa fish eat away all your dead skin, they love feeding on dryer skin types, but they are happy to munch on any bodies feet 🙂

3. More Fish Massage Sungai Moroli Fish

Stand in the river and let the fish suck away on your skin. Its best to bring a seat with you, as there is nowhere to sit, but this was a great experience.
Where are these Sungai Fish

4. Did you say meow yes this spa offer’s a cat massage

5. Leech massage or therapy in Austria

It may sound very strange, but leeches can remove toxins from you body, some people love the feeling of them sliding around on there back, leeches are used to heal surgery and wounds.

6. Elephant Massage in Phuket Thailand

7. Snail massage in
Ebisu district of Tokyo

Five minutes with a snail dragging itself across your face, leaving its trail of slime, it may not be for everybody, but this spa in Tokyo, ladies, and men are paying top dollar for their service, they say it contains anti-aging proteins, it also removes some dead skin cells, anyone for escargot?

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