A Post About Crystals On 4chan Killed 5 Unwary Children

In the 4chan forum there are many twisted jokers who find it fun to expose other people to death.

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On the web there is an incredible amount of useful information that can be used to help find solutions to our daily lives, learn how to create medicines, fix a device, cook, do crafts, learn to draw, play a musical instrument, and much more, but there are also dangerous tutorials, which can have goals that are out of touch with reality, and which are also available to children, making the risk of fatal accidents increase.

There are portals for all types, some more varied than others, but it is precisely in the variety where danger abounds, these portals that protect the anonymous and give them the opportunity to publish content without being identified makes some play very heavy jokes, for example, the 4chan forum, a place where information of all kinds is shared, from video games and tutorials to adult content and sensitive videos.

There are no traces of personal information in the users who post on the forum, and thanks to the trends of the web, has gained much popularity among young people, especially among children for its sections of Anime and video games, however, it is still a site where minors should not enter and should have strict supervision of the authorities, as the portal has been published ads of suicide and future crimes.

Among the many posts of 4chan, there was an anonymous person who decided to play a perverse and dangerous joke, published a supposed tutorial to make crystals at home, with bright colors and shapes that made it a very striking ornament, perfect to give to family and loved ones.

The post was accompanied by a photo that showed how different crystalline ornaments of various colours were placed on a table, described the instructions and commented on the elements needed to build these crystals at home, with materials easily available in any store and mostly within reach of children.

It consisted of making a mixture of extremely dangerous chemical elements when they are put together in a glass bottle, specifically Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonia and Chlorine, and after having this combination ready, proceed to insert a straw into the bottom and blow through it, supposedly after 10 minutes, the glass is ready.

What the readers of that forum did not know was that they were creating a dangerous acid, which was released in the form of poisonous gas, capable of destroying living tissue and making anyone blind, killing every watery fibre and endangering the lives of the people who inhaled it.

Obviously, many people knew when they read the instructions that it was a practical joke, but they did not notice it, this caused many children to let themselves be seduced by the images of the crystals and try it at home, the result was a disaster, hundreds of messages filled the 4chan section, saying that the poison had partially deformed their face, some had partial destruction of their eyes, nostrils and lungs.

Considering the dangerousness of this fatal recipe, and the number of messages from the victims in 4chan, it is estimated that more than 200 children died as a result of this perverse experiment.

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