Baby Leopard cub smuggled on a flight to India

NEW DELHI: Indian government has arrested a passenger who smuggled a month-vintage leopard cub in handbags on a flight from Bangkok to Chennai.

The cub, weighing simply over one kilogramme, become discovered in a plastic grocery basket hidden interior a bag after the passenger arrived in India on the Thai Airways International flight.

Officials said they grew suspicious after listening to sounds coming from the bag, and stopped the passenger as he attempted to rush out of the terminal inside the capital metropolis of southern Tamil Nadu state.

“He becomes evasive in his replies so his baggage changed into opened for a further exam,” a reputable at the airport said. “The animal turned into in a bit of shock and changed into making shrill sounds and regarded to be weak.”

The nationality of the forty five year years passengers remained uncertain, and the case changed into passed over to kingdom’s flora and fauna crime bureau.

A cell video issued by the airport authorities suggests officials giving the cub milk from a child’s bottle.

“We have taken the custody of the passenger and are questioning him on the source of the animal,” AO Limatoshi, head of Chennai wildlife crime bureau, advised AFP.

He said they had been investigating whether or not the man changed into wearing the cat as a part of an global smuggling ring.


Leopards are found across the Asian continent however are extraordinarily inclined, with their population declining because of habitat loss and poaching for the unlawful exchange of skins and frame parts.

They are an endangered species in India — with reliable estimates pronouncing there are between 12,000 and a hundred and forty in total — and smuggling them in or overseas is unlawful.

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