Can you spot these ordinary objects hidden in these 10 photos?

1. Can you see her hiding?
2. can you see what i see?
3. I wonder what is going on here?
4. Something doesn’t seem right here!
5. Look more closely
6.Time to get out your mental magnifying glass…
7. Is this just a stick?
8. Some tree bark anyone?
9. can you see what i can see?
10. meow


  1. A beautiful snow leopard hiding up the top in plain sight.
  2. A sniper with the barrel pointing to the left.
  3. A butterfly hiding on a rock.
  4. Ipad on the car seat
  5. Owl on the tree.
  6. Mirror car look closely
  7. gecko hiding on the stick.
  8. Frog climbing up the tree.
  9. Large spider centered on the tree.
  10. Pussy cat sleeping on top of the logs in the center of the photo, this is very hard!

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