Chocolate Bars That Burn Like Plastic

How a bar of Russian chocolate burns instead of melts concerns millions of consumers

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We know that sugar is a poison used for a long time to keep people sick, suffering from diseases easily controlled through the pharmaceutical industry and expensive diabetes treatments, is part of an elite strategy to dominate people and make colossal profits, but this is not just true of refined sugar, it is also true of most commercial sweets, such as chocolate bars.

A demonstration of this twisted method of making the world’s population sick and forced to consume chemicals that are harmful to their health, which create addiction and force them to take expensive medical treatments later on, could be seen in Russia, after different users of social networks began to use videos to show what happens when they set fire to chocolate bars to test their quality.

With this initiative, people are trying to show whether these products manufactured by Russian and foreign companies are made naturally, without flammable or oil-based chemicals. According to these activists, the real chocolate should not burn, but melt, if the latter does not occur when there is clear evidence that the tablet is contaminated with additional chemicals that are harmful to the body.

These people do not have a single opinion on this phenomenon. Thus, some believe that chemicals are burned, while others think that the main components of chocolate, such as sugar and cocoa, should burn like any organic matter, the same process is repeated for many other types of sweets that invade supermarkets and are mainly the reward of children.

The Russian Federal Consumer Protection Service said it will examine all cases of burning chocolate, without specifying in detail whether it is natural for food to burn in the way it is shown in the videos. This indicates that there is a hard reality to hide in this movement originating in Russia, the chocolate bars and many other foods we consume are unnatural, and have been widely manipulated.

In any case, that body recommended not believing in unproven sources and recalled that burning is a natural physical and chemical process, the intensity of which depends on the composition of the product. There is a hidden message in these statements, which obviously cannot be totally biased towards the interests of the world’s elite, so as not to expose the intentions of poisoning us through highly toxic products.

The warning that every day the levels of diabetes, obesity and other diseases are getting worse, specifically in children, has caused many activists to use social networking as their reporting tool. The grotesque growth that the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing as a result of the disease and the death of millions of people makes us think of the different forms of social control and population reduction that the elite have.

This reduction not only means killing people immediately, it can also be a slow process, enough not to cause abrupt economic distortions that can affect other areas of the market controlled by the most influential governments of the world’s elite. Meanwhile, the chocolate bars that are burned remind us that we must be more concerned about what we are sold as healthy and necessary products to take care of our health.

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