Hidden By The Government

For many years, governments and large corporations have hidden the truth about these amazing
technologies they do this because of money, isn’t it time for everybody to know about them?

  1. A metal which has memory has been hidden from the public, it could be world-changing, Shape memory materials (SMMs) this type of metal has the ability to reform its shape from damage, warm heat or water is added, to enable recovery, this type of technology could be used in transport systems, engineering.
  2. Free Energy Heat a Motor which has been invested from this technology, hot and cold water generates power, from a very simple model; it’s very similar to the hot air Stirling engine Stirlingmotor Heissluftmotor, an everlasting engine to power homes, cars, factories etc.
  3. Plastic Polymers that withstand temperatures of over 1200c, Maurice Ward Starlite an English inventor, shows in the experiment a chicken egg which is coated with a certain plastic chemical, then a blow torch is directed at the egg for 10 minutes, the egg then cracked open to show a raw egg, only slightly warm to the feel.
  4. Magnet Motors, by Troy Reed, magnetic motor inventor who not many people in the public know about, in 1994 he created a seven kilowatt invented in partnership with well-known actor, Dennis Weaver, Dennis Weaver is well known for his environmental credentials, but to dismay all of their work was hidden by large corporations and governments, they had also made a free energy running car.
  5. Blowtorch or flame thrower, which runs on pure water H2O, Denny Klein, the blowtorch won’t burn human skin, but melts steel, concrete, metals like butter, the process uses water + electricity energy to make hydrogen, a very clean energy the fumes or emissions are pure steam, this system can run, cars, generators and many other things.
  6. A system that can create free unlimited energy from the transfer of heat and cold via large metal panels, during the day the panels heat up causing the gas inside to expand thus, running via the pipes to run the compressors, as the sun falls the panels get cold, the gas is pulled back through the pipes creating a negative pull on the compressor, thus generating power.

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