Hidden Movies On Netflix That The Company Cant Explain

Meaningless images, with strange dialogues and mind-control circles, are part of what can be seen in Netflix’s hidden footage.
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As well as on the surface, the web is full of mysteries and corners with chilling surprises, there is no doubt that strange events abound in all areas and give off an air of conspiracy that may call into question the privacy of our online information and the objectives pursued by large entertainment corporations.

The American company Netflix has been no exception, today you will know something that is happening inside the servers of this portal with millions of subscribers around the world, and that has begun to disturb everyone who comes across this mystery, which only a few can access.

A film buff located in Colombia uploaded a few days ago to YouTube a video where he shows something quite strange in the Netflix tape catalog, he indicates that there have been several strange videos uploaded with very rare titles, but he also told his friends about it and they were unable to find them, apparently, this mystery is hidden for many and can only be visible in a few accounts.

Apparently, they are recordings that contain encrypted messages, subliminal content that tries to control your mind, the strangest thing about the case and as the follower says is that not all accounts hosted on Netflix have access to this material and that makes it even more disturbing. Immediately, to prove that it is not a lie and that this discovery is very real, Andrés recorded his screen as he entered the portal and played these videos.

Strange look from before you start playing back

To begin with, the very appearance of the recordings is disconcerting, from the promotional photo with the name of the company to the name of the videos, the truth is that it is a season and says it was created in 2012, all of these have a duration of just 11 minutes, and the name of the creator is literally “creator”, totally different from the rest of the films, which shows a brief review, type of film, classification and so on.

When you click on the name of the creator of these strange videos, a menu is displayed where the rest of the tapes are, all of them have names that begin with the words “example show” and actually have quite strange things, one of the videos starts showing us a working source for several seconds, then a hand touching the water of the source and the flow falling to the bottom.

After this, the installations of some place are shown, and a man doing strange things, like Michael Jackson’s moon walker step while holding his computer, spinning and running, then some flowers appear, the moon, the same guy playing with a ball, and then comes the strangest part of the video, when this strangest man comes out talking, and literally says that we should repent, kneel down and pray to the gods.

Shakespeare’s Dialogue and Mind Control Circles

The man has a monstrous tone of voice, he speaks with anger about a line from William Shakespeare’s book Julius Caesar, after which he calms down and starts making crazy sounds with his mouth, another curious detail is that even when he is not speaking, when activating the Spanish subtitles, fragments of this book appear.

After this, images that remind us of mind control begin to appear, a white circle on a blinking black background appears, then a color bar similar to the one that appears on television when there is no signal or programming, strange circles continue to appear on a dark background and then an image that reflects the gray scale that ends with the video.

Practically all the videos have these images, they are the same video with another name, but there is also one that is very particular, an animation with creepy shapes that no child would like to see, and makes its reproduction uncomfortable, two characters appear trapped in a kind of magical place with cables and electronic creatures, the dialogue is strange, and everything revolves around them, at the end one of them hits the other and leaves it motionless on the ground, then we can see some credits, that is, there were enough people working on this animation.

In this way, perhaps we could think that it is about video and audio tests of the company itself, but there is something that does not make sense and totally discards this possibility, and that is that this follower, in the face of uncertainty decided to contact Netflix directly through the online help service, there he talked to an operator, who clarified that those chapters had been added by mistake, but that would be removed from the platform later.

Netflix’s response to the mysterious group of videos

However, the user did not want to be left with any doubt, and when asked about who had uploaded this videos “Example Show”, the technical support operator replied that at the moment they did not know who had done it, nobody knows what is happening in Netflix, the technical support assured that they were working on removing those videos, but so far they are all there.

The subject is quite mysterious, the description of the episodes is meaningless, the length of the episodes is exactly 11 minutes for each of them, there is no explanation for the purpose of these footage, nor is it known why it is only available to a select audience, there is no explanation for why the company still fails to remove them or how they do not know who uploaded the material.

Mystery followers claim that the link changes between each account, however, you can try logging in through this address using your account: https://www.netflix.com/title/70259793 and see if it is possible to view them from your location. Meanwhile, the internet is filled with theories about the “Netflix example show”.

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