It’s OFFICIAL: People Are Actually Being CLONED!

At a company called Cambrian Genomics, they are making real DNA from human babies.  The owner of the company, Austen Heinz, says they are making DNA and selling it to anyone who decides they want to design a “CREATURE,” as he calls them.

Apparently, you can create any type of organism that is within the system, combining qualities and DNA of your choosing.

What if the “creature” that you want to create is unsafe? We cannot just have people creating random genetic mixtures, and next thing you know – someone has a dinosaur in their backyard! Or can we?

Austen Heinz says they try to keep it safe by then sending the request to contract researchers to decipher whether the genetic combination is safe enough to create.

This will pave the way to start cloning human beings easily as if they are just coming off an assembly line. The Synthetic Human Genome Project requires emptying out a human embryo and replacing it with synthetic DNA.

Are they trying to eventually weed out the natural human’s species? Because once clones are in turn breeding their own clones, we will start to witness half human/half machine beings.

There is even a company that believes they are able to transfer your consciousness to a device – they consider this to be creating “true immortality.”

Is this for real, or are we living in a science fiction movie with events happening that we never imagined possible? Are we actually living in a time when we can “MAKE PEOPLE?”

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