Look At The CHEMTRAILS in the Sky

Let’s dive right into this and admit that there is something suspicious and scary going on. They are called CHEMTRAILS.

If you research a branch of Meteorology called Nephrology, you will learn about the science of clouds. What type of clouds are “normal,” and what clouds you may see in the sky that are absolutely unnatural?

If you research flight patterns of planes, you will understand that most planes and jets you see in the sky, never change direction (such as flying east then dipping, and switching direction to fly west, etc). You also will learn that jet “contrails” are extremely thin and dissipate shortly after they appear.

There is, however, NO EXPLANATION from any government or aviation official as to what these thick and swirling trails are in the sky. They appear on a consistent basis, and stay visible in the sky for HOURS at a time.

Now think about the seemingly “random” times that hundreds of thousands of fish and birds just show up, dead. Governments will chalk it up to many things, like global warming or disease within the species. But we are not as foolish as they think.

In this video, Geoengineering is proven to be a very likely concern. Chemicals such as barium and aluminum oxide have been proven by former inside officials to be utilized by the Air Force. What is a more valid question, since we pretty much KNOW this is going on, is: WHY?

Why is this form of genocide being used on the human species? Why would the elite ever want to drop tons of chemicals into the air that we breathe, onto the crops that we eat, and into the water supplies that we drink from? Is it a form of population control by the Illuminati?

This topic is one that we encourage discussion on – click the link below and let us know your opinion on Geoengineering and CHEMTRAILS:

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