Michael Jackson exposed the Illuminati elite before he died

Creepy revelations lead us to believe that Michael Jackson may have been killed by higher power groups.
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There is not much to say about Michael Jackson, almost everything is already known, but like any success story and fame, there is a dark and secret side that is not much commented on by the press and entertainment, these discoveries are made when people no longer have much to lose, or have passed away, and today we will talk about it, although it is clear that the singer warned loud and clear, but most people did not understand it, and ignored it.

Michael Jackson is the type of artist who could not reach the highest level, the limits known until then had already been reached by him, but the detail is that at that point, an unknown kingdom governs overall and uses them all by the great tool of social control and dissemination of information can become, especially to the youngest, the same ones who at a young age are charged with rebellion and do not accept that others tell them what to do.

Being such a well-known character, Michael Jackson probably rubbed shoulders with big tycoons and people of high relief, perhaps he never imagined that he would reach so high, but surely he did realize that he could not climb any higher. Having this great artist still alive in those days, the entire planet seemed distracted by other things, while Michael Jackson was asking for desperate help.

It was a strange and abrupt change of attention, with another type of people and another type of music, totally empowered by the media that remain in the hands of the world government, as if the world had suddenly turned its back on the beauty of art, to replace it with the detestable and vulgar of violence and vice.

All this had a reason, curiously enough the language of music will always be reflected in the behavior of people and vice versa, who are in power know that music has the power to generate peace, but as everything has a negative aspect on the other side, it is obvious that music can also generate undesirable behaviors capable of destroying a society.

From the moment the Illuminati elite began to know the ambiguous power of music, the manipulation of the masses through art has been used to subject them to horrible and perverted control, it is a clean and unsuspected strategy, but this is not a recent discovery, in fact music in the Second World War played such an important role, as were the speeches of those who initiated it, and the source of inspiration for troops before combat.

Michael Jackson made an unexpected speech during a press conference on September 7, 2001, curiously enough just two days before the tragedy of the World Trade Center in New York, he was there before the show that night to celebrate his anniversary in the music industry

Michael would send a message that at the time seemed a little strange and ridiculous, but so ahead of his time, which this artist knew what only humans have been trying to decipher in recent years. It was a message of warning and attention to the decay and destruction of our sublime senses to appreciate true art, and not to let ourselves be carried away by the social pollution that dominates us.

There is plenty of evidence to show that we have gradually plunged into a foreign world, it is very likely that it is the result of social manipulation, not only through music, but also through the larger media, no matter what platform they use to reach the public, they are all under the yoke of the world’s owners, the Illuminati, using censorship, manipulation, advertising, and other resources to subdue free thinking.

What Michael Jackson said could be a misunderstood message, but it wasn’t the only time he literally spoke of a conspiracy. Little by little, the singer was exposing more and more information about everything that he considered a close and devastating reality, he knew that the world was and is being controlled by them.

Michael Jackson had many moments considered strange and paranoid by the public, was subjected to many shameful situations without evidence, exposed to public defamation with different empty arguments that caused the repudiation of society, he was undoubtedly a man attacked to death for daring to denounce the Illuminati elite.


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He probably said something he shouldn’t have said, and as we look for the answer, the evidence in the day to day is present, it’s as if music has become a weapon of mass destruction, with empty and twisted contents that incite hatred, drug use and violence, while children grow up learning their lyrics and worshiping those same artists who do the wrong thing.

The conspiracy begins to make sense from Michael Jackson’s point of view, it is curious to see how music no longer comes from the soul or is made by traditional musical instruments, now the notes come from the machines, computer sounds adjusted in a strident and mechanized digital band, capable of creating subliminal loops that the population consume massively without realizing it, every day and everywhere.

Music is no longer felt, nor is it listened to, but it is still time to save it, it is still possible to revive the spirit necessary to preserve our senses, we just need to listen carefully and with the heart, maybe Michael Jackson died the same day that the world stopped listening, and he let himself inject violent musical notes extracted from a series of binary codes.

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