Most Toxic Foods – Farmed Salmon

Fish plays a vital role in our daily diet and our ecology as well. Sadly, overfishing is rampant today. It has washed-out lots of fish stocks. Some believed that fish farming is the perfect solution to this issue. However, it is discovered that it instead of helping, it creates more issues. One problem is that it pollutes the aquatic environment. It also spread illness to wild fish. Farmed fish is the main cause of an inferior food source by giving fewer healthy nutrients and by containing lots of toxins that readily build up in fat.

Farmed Salmon is the Most Deadly Food

Salmon is a good case of how fish farming has led people off track. Food testing shows farmed salmon is the toxic foods today. Various studies have conducted, and they found out lots of issues such as:

Farmed salmon meat contained 13 organic contaminants. On average, the concentration of PCB or Polychlorinated biphenyl in farmed salmon was eight times higher compared to wild salmon. This shows that consuming farmed salmon can lead to various health issues.

PCB is classified as carcinogenic by Cancer and Environmental Protection Agency. In animal studies conducted by the U.S Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, this substance brings out a considerable number of medical conditions like development and reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, cancer, and immunosuppression. Contaminated fish, according to research, is the main source of exposure to PCB, as the substance build-up and accumulate in the fat tissue.

Jerome Ruzzin, the toxicology researcher, has found out that farmed salmon has 5x more toxins compared to other food tested.

Another study conducted in 2011 found out that constant consumption can result in intolerance to glucose, obesity, and insulin resistance.

Farmed Salmon Might Contain Chemicals which are Fire Retardant

At this point, experts notified farmed Atlantic salmon sold in various parts of the world especially the UK and the US might contain PBDEs or polybrominated diphenyl ethers deadly POPs which have been banned or restricted in European countries and in the US because of their toxic effect on the development of a child.

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers are a type of chemicals utilized as fire retardants for many years, and while banning were put on some of the element in this type in the year 2004. Still, they can be found in older items as well as in our environment. Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand as well as China- three countries which process considerable amounts of electronic waste- are notorious for having a higher level of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the surrounding.

In more current years, fire retardant contamination has raised a very serious issue. This is because these elements accumulate in the surrounding in due course and are in many years now discovered in open waters as well as groundwater.

Health risk related to these elements, which include polybrominated diphenyl ethers, takes account of birth defects, infertility, reduced IQ, neurodevelopmental delays, cancer as well as hormone disruption. As a matter of fact, fire retardant elements have been recognized as one of the seventeen high priority groups of chemicals which must be avoided to decrease breast cancer.

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